Name 🚀👾Absolute Blue 👾🚀
Publisher behjar
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Experience the action-packed fighting like never before as a full team of Remnant’s Huntresses and Huntsmen battle in a huge story-driven campaign or go head-to-head against your friends in classic Death Match action! This is a dynamic co-op experience for 4-6 players, bringing together the best aspects of fighting games and life-sim RPGs for a completely new way to play fighting games.

The Grimm Eclipse is a four-player team based fighting game developed by Techland and published by the incredibly awesome Penny Arcade. The game was originally planned to be released in 2011, but due to various game delays, it was only released in early 2013.

I currently play as a team RWBY Grimm Eclipse team!



Can not wait for LARP this year! I am so excited!
The Hardhack LARP will be in April.
Saturday 10 April 2012

Team RWBY Grimm Eclipse will be having a really awesome LARP named Deathmatch’s Gambit! It will be held in St. Louis, MO April 3rd-5th, 2012

I plan to get my own character in this LARP! Also if anyone else plans to be in the cast and wants to work together, we will be going for an acting role in the performance of Deathmatch’s Gambit!

I played as team RWBY!




I played as team JNPR!




Team RWBY Grimm Eclipse is a co-op 4 player fighting game set in the world of Remnant and features the four heroines of the hit anime series RWBY: Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Long! Team RWBY Grimm Eclipse features a dynamic fighting system where every move is mapped to a movement, attack or special move of the respective character. Be ready to fight in four-on-four battles as a team or go head-to-head with your friends in classic Death Match fights!

“Team RWBY Grimm Eclipse” is a team fighting game that is designed for intense fights for 4 players, both online and offline! Team RWBY Grimm Eclipse brings together the best aspects of fighting games and Life-sim RPGs. Fight to the extreme, as your character fights for the survival of the team in battles between Grimm, Hunters and Atlas heroes!

Some of


Name 🚀👾Absolute Blue 👾🚀
Publisher behjar
Format File
Rating 4.91 / 5 ( 3811 votes )
Update (15 days ago)


Features Key:

  • High Quality: High quality textures.
  • Full 3D maps: All the maps are in a fully functional 3D environment.
  • Selectable weapons: Multiple weapons can be selected on the map screen.
  • Multiple Game Modes: 8 Different Game Modes including Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, and more.
  • Create your own maps: The map editor allows you to create your own maps using the included editor tool.
  • Download Westmain Soldier Girl now from Google Play:

    Recent changes:
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    You should definitely play this, because you never know what you will receive in the next level. Each level contains images which are already known, but it is possible that a picture in the level is a surprise. You always have to be ready to work hard, if you want to obtain an “A”.

    Pick up your scissors and play the puzzles!
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    – 4 levels of increasing difficulty
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    – Glitches, traps and various experiments in the game
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    П👾Absolute Blue П🚀 [32|64bit]

    Setup Video:

    CC user:


    I do not own the rights to Kensei in any capacity. I do not own the rights to the author.

    published:01 Dec 2017


    published:19 Jul 2017


    Game “Kensei” is a story-driven RPG in the vein of 18th century fiction. Let’s see where it leads us.
    Game “Kensei” Gameplay:

    Setup Video:

    CC user:

    I do not own the rights to Kensei in any capacity. I do not own the rights to the author.

    published:26 Oct 2017


    Welcome to my Let’s Play of Kensei, a JapaneseRPG from HAL Laboratories developed by Fangamer and published by Nintendo.
    I’ll say at this point that the story is quite bland, but the gameplay is what this game is all about. You take on a large variety of missions as you travel across Japan during the Edo period.

    published:10 Aug 2017




    What’s new in П👾Absolute Blue П🚀:

    Lost in Maze is a first-person shooter video game developed by American indie developer Foamix Studios for the PlayStation Vita. It was released worldwide on June 14, 2014.


    Lost in Maze is a first-person shooter game, featuring over 50 levels, an 8-player online deathmatch mode, and a duel mode. The game allows the player to take on the role of a team, as four players (two teams of two) compete, each with specific roles, for at least 30 minutes in a game, with the winner being the first team to either score or survive 30 minutes, or lose and forfeit. In addition, the player must also be able to survive the entire map/game when played in “Zone Mode” for a while, either by choosing the strongest character/team and survive all 28 different levels, or by choosing the weakest character and survive just as long. The player also can level up as well as earn medals by winning matches.

    Lost in Maze pits its player against increasingly-difficult enemies, fully-armored and level-based traps, and power-ups-filled environments.

    The game is set in an unknown territory called Maze, a world filled with greed, despair, warfare, and a huge corporation that threatens to destroy it all. In search of some greater answers, the player must get to the ending of the story line in order to defeat the last two bosses of the game.


    Lost in Maze was made primarily by two brothers, Brian Briney and Aaron Briney. It was announced on July 30, 2013. The game was announced on March 24, 2014 at The Game Awards in an appearance by the game’s developer, Foamix Studio. The brothers had worked for a number of years doing game projects together; this came as a complete surprise to the two, since they had not created any of their prior projects together. However, in response to feedback from the industry they have since begun to work on bringing some other of their projects to life as well, having earlier moved from their original West Coast development studio to Texas, since in “the age of Corporate America” they feel the need to make and be noticed in the industry again. Instead of taking the easy way out of using early technology to create a completed product that gained no attention, the brothers have decided to put their full attention to the project as well and not produce any more games until the release of Lost in Maze. The brothers


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    The universe of the Transformers has changed. The Transformers have evolved and are out to explore and protect the universe from new dangers.In the year 2010, a group of Autobots and a group of Decepticons have their own goals, missions and adventures. It’s their time to fight, exterminate and conquer.

    The Autobots return to Earth after the events of the Transformers G1 cartoon series. Their leader Prime, meets with humans, to teach them about the Decepticons. But there is a new threat and old enemies which force the humans and Autobots to work together to protect the Earth and Universe.

    Key Features:

    An original Storyline

    An original point of view with a series of new characters

    A game, worthy of the animated series

    Play the original point of view with all the Autobot and Decepticon characters and battles

    Unique Skirmish System

    The battles are tough, fast and efficient: pick your team and bring the fight to your opponent. Play a couple of rounds and see how well your tactics work and win the battle!

    Transform your team and defeat new enemies

    Define your strategy and choose the parts for your team: make them unique and choose your weapons wisely to defeat your opponents and win the battle. Take advantage of your team’s abilities to hit the enemy hard and attack where it hurts.

    Use your abilities to move and hide to avoid your enemies and lead them into traps and other places.

    More than 70 hours of gameplay

    Many different landscapes and options to play through

    The Autobots and the Decepticons are out to protect the Earth from new dangers. Experience the future of the franchise in a whole new way: transform into an awesome Autobot or Decepticon and get ready to fight and defeat your enemies.

    Optimized for the mass market platform

    Deep and intuitive controls: easy to learn and simple to play

    Add a multiplayer experience to your fight and fight it out with your friends

    Developer: RomyMan Studios

    About the Developers


    Company Profile

    RomyMan Studios is a Dutch studio that develops and publishes board games. We’re specialized in board games as they are a very good way to communicate and play nice with the whole family. Other than board games, our studio also creates video games.

    We love toys and games, but most of all we love to play games with


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