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Thanks for visiting!Migrant Rural Communities In Play On Trump Immigration Speech

Folks have walked by the Mississippi River for thousands of years. For centuries, Native American tribes have moved about the region as they hunted, fished, and traded with the European explorers, French, English and others.

Some history buffs say the tribal populations and indigenous peoples in the Great Lakes region and the Northeast are descendants of the Crow tribe that migrated there.

But it’s not clear who came first. The big Mississippi River has blocked any understanding of whether the tribes and the Native Americans in the region lived in the same place before the Europeans arrived.

The present mix of Native Americans, white settlers and African-Americans who have long lived in the region have long been uneasy.

Now, in the midst of the migrant crisis, a key question is whether tribes and Latino immigrants will get along.

The Mississippi is a complicated border, and Detroit stands on what’s called the Maumee Bluffs, a massive bulge of land — actually the most American part of the river — that juts out into the river in Southwestern Michigan.

Indian and Mexicans, some of whom are seeking the American dream, are the two largest sets of immigrants living in the Detroit area.

Some of them are neighbors.

“We’re kind of a city within the city,” Ben Pierson said.

Mr. Pierson is president of the Delta Bridge Project, a grassroots community group that wants to unite the two cities.

“There is a lot of pride here, and I think most people are proud to have lived here for a long time, or at least over a long period of time, but you know, they don’t get that

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