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Show HN: An API for Twitter with Angular.js, built in 10 hours – nicpottier

Hi all,

I’ve been working on this for the last few days and it’s looking pretty decent
so far (11 hours).

The API I’m using is the twitter one, a json object with a list of tweets, and
the object is in an array.

It’s fairly simple but it’s also a work in progress, so any help / criticism
is appreciated.


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Allow self-answered questions to be deleted by the asker if necessary

Possible Duplicate:
Should “Self-Answer” questions be close-worthy?

The idea behind self-answered questions is that they have to be useful to someone in the future. However, if there is a problem with the question, answers, or asker, is there a reason why they can’t be deleted? Is there a threshold to get a self-answered question deleted?
As a side note, the banner on self-answered questions should clearly state this, instead of lying to the user.


This is absolutely not the case.
Self-answered questions are being deleted if users no longer have any need of their solution. If they do, they can post an answer.
Some users are not aware that they are free to edit and delete their own posts when they no longer want to use them, but everybody has this freedom. If you are a user that has the privilege to delete a post, you should get rid of all useless questions.
Of course, don’t delete a question just because you are not sure if you still want to use it. Do it only if you don’t see any reason to keep it (i.e. nobody is asking about that subject any more).


If a self-answered question is poorly received, it gets deleted. If the asker is no longer interested, they will not be interested in

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