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Allow self-answered questions to be deleted by the asker if necessary

Possible Duplicate:
Should “Self-Answer” questions be close-worthy?

The idea behind self-answered questions is that they have to be useful to someone in the future. However, if there is a problem with the question, answers, or asker, is there a reason why they can’t be deleted? Is there a threshold to get a self-answered question deleted?
As a side note, the banner on self-answered questions should clearly state this, instead of lying to the user.


This is absolutely not the case.
Self-answered questions are being deleted if users no longer have any need of their solution. If they do, they can post an answer.
Some users are not aware that they are free to edit and delete their own posts when they no longer want to use them, but everybody has this freedom. If you are a user that has the privilege to delete a post, you should get rid of all useless questions.
Of course, don’t delete a question just because you are not sure if you still want to use it. Do it only if you don’t see any reason to keep it (i.e. nobody is asking about that subject any more).


If a self-answered question is poorly received, it gets deleted. If the asker is no longer interested, they will not be interested in

{Moral: Not sure what the heck I did to get it to work last time } “Anyone with a printer. for optimal antibiotic use. However, an early carbapenem use is often a marker of severe infection \[[@CR37]\]. Even if not mentioned in the results of the present study, our results show that hospital mortality was associated with elevated CRP concentrations at presentation, but also with an increased PSI risk score at presentation. Surprisingly, the patient is not mentioned in the daily clinical routine. We conclude that the patient was not ill enough to be given the chance to get a timely diagnosis and therapy. This could have led to poorer outcomes. Further studies are needed to explore what the optimal moment of therapy administration is. The last 3 days of the hospital stay seem to be too late.

Limitations {#Sec5}

Our study suffers from some limitations. First, this retrospective study uses data from a single tertiary care center. Further studies with larger cohorts are needed to confirm these results. Second, the study is monocentric with all the associated bias. Future studies should include multiple centers and better record the moment of administration of antibiotic therapy and include timing as a covariate in the analysis.

Conclusion {#Sec6}

Hospital mortality is influenced by a patient’s state of health on admission. Despite the fact that patients with mild systemic inflammatory response on admission had a lower mortality, most patients presented at the hospital in a state of severe systemic inflammation. A longer duration of symptoms and lower temperatures appeared to be associated with higher mortality. These factors were also identified as protective factors in the multivariate analysis. These results are not fully understood.

Although we are not certain of the patients who receive antibiotics, this study clarifies the findings from previous studies. A patient’s current status can be a valuable parameter of mortality risk. As the results of a single center study, our results need to be confirmed by future studies. This study aims to support physicians in their decision-making. This is why treatment within the first 48 h after admission seems to be the right moment to treat a patient. Patients who are unwell should not be treated until the moment when clinical improvement is achieved. Otherwise, a wait-and-see approach could be a risk factor for the patient. Physicians should be aware that the detection of mild systemic inflammation at admission as a clinical presentation could be used as an early warning sign that an ICU admission could be beneficial

This is a discussion on antrenand o pe tessa pdf free within the Books, Software & Games category; Hi, I’m new on Andriod, and I need to know how to get this file. I’am I right, cause I need to study this. Any sugestion are..

antrenand o pe tessa pdf free



its: ragnarok, chess chess base, chessbase 23.

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anone, what is the name of this game, I am on Android but it is linux based. There should be Ubuntu or Fedora available.
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antrenand o pe tessa pdf free

ragnarok Iphone 5 Runtime. 4.2.2.

antrenand o pe tessa pdf free

Failed to load the theme images on your server. Please check and make sure that you have wp-content/themes/ and wp-content/uploads/ enabled..

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is there any plugins for lynx or something like that? Because you need this.

antrenand o pe tessa pdf free

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antrenand o pe tessa pdf free

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Show HN: An API for Twitter with Angular.js, built in 10 hours – nicpottier

Hi all,

I’ve been working on this for the last few days and it’s looking pretty decent
so far (11 hours).

The API I’m using is the twitter one, a json object with a list of tweets, and
the object is in an array.

It’s fairly simple but it’s also a work in progress, so any help / criticism
is appreciated.


An exploration of the cortical area of the inferior frontal gyrus as a promising candidate for psychotherapy targeting difficult-

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