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Ivan the “Hunter” is back in the sky, and this time he’s heading for the imperial city!
He’s borrowed the T-48 “Predator” hovertank from Stark Industries, and then the city fell under attack…
Become a member of Ivan’s team in order to obtain the various upgrades available to your vehicle.
Just be careful because the enemies can be anything from small drones to actual aircraft.
How to Play

T-48 “Predator” Controls:
Hold the left mouse button to move forward, and the right mouse button to move back.
Smoother movement is possible while holding the right mouse button.
Hold down the left mouse button to jump, and the right mouse button to climb.
Hold the left mouse button to drop back down, and the right mouse button to climb again.
Weapon Controls:
Hold down the mouse button to fire, the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.
Hold down shift to make a running gun turret.
Hold down control to activate the grenade.
Hold down the right mouse button to raise the shield, and the left mouse button to lower it.
Press the F key to open the inventory window.
Look up, look down, and use the mouse wheel to look left and right.
(This is a top-down shooter, and “look” in this context doesn’t mean “move in real life”.)Q:

java agent access to the remote service

I need to know what is the best way to access a remote service with a Java agent. I have a servlet which is deployed on the remote service. Now when that service is restarted, the agent should be able to access that servlet.
How can that be achieved?


You need to design your service in such a way that the protocol can be shared between the agents. This can include configuring clients to use a shared password/key which is stored on both sides. Then you can use a standard port/protocol and access your service via the shared resource.

3 experts answer:What is the best way to get to the moon?

The moon is a celestial object. It is a remnant from the planet that formed 4.5 billion years ago, as shown by numerous geologic studies. The moon is composed of basalt and rock that was blasted off


Armored Firestorm Features Key:

  • 2 streamlined yet extremely addictive game modes with unique play styles and atmospheres
  • 5 in-game weapons with an arsenal of high-tech upgrades to customise your character with
  • Multiple modes of play, including arcade, deathmatch, survival, one-life mode with time limit, timed mode, team deathmatch and more, giving the player the unique choice of how to play and compete
  • Hundreds of player-controlled, computer-controlled, bots and skill-based mutations mode, to challenge your skills and hone your tactical mind.
  • Customizable characters, skins and player models
  • Nitrous powered vehicles to control and transport your character
  • Multiplayer, local and online
  • Crazy, freestyle, interactive destruction
  • Breathing, vinyl-esque, hand-drawn visual style
  • Gorgeous HD graphics
  • Heart-pumping soundtrack
  • Highly addictive with highly polished and intuitive controls
  • 3 game layers – the pre-rendered, live 3D player, build and event layers
  • Three fast-paced and non-linear play modes – Arcade, Team Deathmatch and Survival
  • Battle against hordes of enemies, enhanced AI and permadeath for hardcore fans
  • Dynamic multi-class systems
  • A dynamic, visible and hostile map
  • Prepare to be blown off your feet
  • Gorgeous and key-blinding graphical and interface elements
  • Exciting and immersive trophies and achievements for your achievements

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