AutoCAD 2010 Scaricare Attivatore 64 Bits Italiano


AutoCAD 2010 Scaricare Attivatore 64 Bits Italiano

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To expand on the other answers, I think you need to consider the difference between P/Invoke and C# PInvoke. PInvoke is the term for a call to C/C++ that is not directly supported by the.Net framework.
C# PInvoke may look similar to PInvoke in that it may look like a C# function call that you would see in a C# application. But the difference is that C# PInvoke is implemented using the CLR and managed code. Whereas PInvoke which you use in a C/C++ application would be implemented in native code.
So while you may be able to use C# PInvoke to create your call to PInvoke at runtime, you have no way of actually knowing the return types (object) that would be returned back to C#. There is a similar scenario to this with Objective C that if you get a pointer to the C API that you are calling, you cannot know the type of the return.
So the functionality you are using with C/C++ is not possible in C#. You may be able to do something similar with managed code, but I would not be confident about calling a C API like this and not knowing what would be returned. My advice here would be to consider using the unmanaged approach for the most robust and efficient solution.

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