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During the first few years after AutoCAD Torrent Download’s introduction, it had no rivals. But in the ensuing years, other CAD programs have developed a sizable following, and AutoCAD has been gradually squeezed out. Many people who want a CAD program that does a reasonably good job, easy to learn, and has no hidden costs buy a copy of AutoCAD, along with a conventional computer mouse. People who need to do complex computer-aided manufacturing work, or work on large teams, use specialized CAD programs, such as Mastercam, CATIA, Pro/Engineer, NX, and SolidWorks. But despite the large number of CAD programs available for purchase or use free of charge, AutoCAD remains the de facto standard for almost all CAD work.

AutoCAD History

AutoCAD began life in 1982, when its developers, in the Computer-Aided Design Division at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), were looking for a CAD program that would meet the needs of their customers.

The company they were developing for was the Digital PDP-10, a relatively inexpensive microcomputer with a 36-bit word length, memory (minimal RAM) of 2 kilowords, and a bus width of 4 kilobytes, used in the factory and elsewhere by engineers and design managers.

The DEC programmers looked at several CAD programs and eventually settled on the Macromind program created by the Ivar Giaever and Douglas Van Houwelingen at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Sandia Labs was one of the top centers for computer graphics in the country.

The main differences between Macromind and other CAD programs of the time was that it was free, and that it had far less “user interaction” than most CAD programs of the time. The Macromind developers envisioned a world where CAD would be used by engineers and designers who worked alone at a desktop computer terminal, and where the computer would enter the CAD equations directly. CAD programs of the time relied heavily on human input for drawing the design, so it was important to the Macromind developers to limit the number of commands that the user needed to know.

The early version of AutoCAD was essentially a re-implementation of Macromind. AutoCAD started life as a standalone application program on the PDP-10, running only on one-computer installations.

The first release of AutoCAD was on December 28, 1982. It was a simple one

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In October 2007, AutoCAD 2007 was released. This release was designed to accommodate a growing need for greater customization in the user interface, and a later release, AutoCAD 2008, was designed to incorporate many of the capabilities of AutoCAD 2007, and to include a new drawing manager and XML-based DGN (Drawing Graphics Neutral) format for storing drawing objects.

Since then there have been many more AutoCAD updates. For instance, AutoCAD 2010 introduced a new, more user-friendly interface that offers a more modern, contemporary look. Version 11 added gridlines on all drawings, the ability to save multiple views of a drawing, and the ability to share drawings via social networks. AutoCAD 2012 added a “3D Dashboard” that creates one or more 3D animation views to a drawing, allowing users to focus on their drawing content. In 2013, AutoCAD 2013 introduced a radical new user interface and an improved ribbon interface. AutoCAD 2014 added touch-capable interfaces and web browsers, and introduced the first professional-quality AutoCAD mobile app. AutoCAD 2015 added the ability to assign dimensions to objects, improved the ability to insert multiple copies of the same object, added the ability to run macros and scripts on drawings, and increased performance. AutoCAD 2016 introduced a different user interface for the ribbon, animation, and web browser interface, improved workflow and usability, and introduced several new features including the ability to annotate objects. AutoCAD 2017 added a real-time “ruler” and its new collaboration features, including workflows and online project management. AutoCAD 2018 included a new “Master View” feature that allows users to create an entire drawing in one window, as well as a new viewing mode (Arrow) for better viewing of 3D drawings. AutoCAD 2019 includes many new features, including a new “Ruler” feature that allows users to add custom scales and grids to drawings.

Users can create macros in AutoCAD to automate repetitive tasks. These macros are stored in the “Macros” or “Macro Bank” from the main menu or from within a drawing by using the menu option or shortcut. Macro Language is an AutoLISP-based programming language for creating AutoCAD macros. The Macro Language is designed so that AutoCAD developers who are not versed in AutoLISP programming can easily create macros that run AutoCAD’s algorithms to perform specified functions. AutoC

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Run Autocad and select AutocadKey.

Go to main menu->Tools->License Key and enter your activation code.

Go back to main menu and select help->Install.

Open Autocad and wait for installation to complete.

Go back to main menu and select help->Keygen->AutoCAD license key.

Enter your keygen code and select Product_Code.

Enter License file name and select Product file.


You could use the autocad command prompt and run this:
(this assumes you are using autocad 2012)

which will reset the TLOAD (use your full path) to be 0, and then you can reinstall or re-reg with your desired key.


python find day of week in date tuple

Is there any way to find out the day of week of a date tuple as an integer?
for example I have
input :

if I use dateutil.rrule.rrule
r = dateutil.rrule.rrule(
dtstart = (dt0,dt1,dt2,dt3,dt4,dt5,dt6,dt7),
freq = rrule.DAILY,
wkst = True,
count = 1,

I will get a tuple that is
[‘2020-05-01T06:58:17.611Z’, ‘2020-05-02T06:58:17.611Z’]

in this case, I want to get an array that is

if the day of week is Monday, I want ‘0’ instead of ‘1’
I can do this by iterating over a sequence and checking the dayofweek, but I want to know if I can do this in one line with dateutil
I am asking this because I can make multiple date ranges, like
r = dateutil.rrule.rrule(
dtstart = (dt0,

What’s New In?

The next generation AutoCAD (version 2023) is designed to take the user experience to a whole new level and will include many new features and improved workflows.

With this release, CADWorks 2020 helps you to design and print to scale and print dimensionally. In addition, it increases the usability of AutoCAD via interface improvements and new technologies. There are numerous new features and several industry-specific improvements, such as embedded Multibody, set up Profiles and the ADXL passive solution.

A complete overview with detailed overview and a video introduction is available here.

Core Product Line

Version 2023 is the first version of the product line with the “Core Product Line”. This product line enables you to get to work quickly, while at the same time, provide the tools and features you need to manage the entire workflow.

The core product line introduces a suite of innovative tools with a focus on productivity. The new features are grouped into specific categories which provide a good overview of the new functionality:

Printing Tools

Manage and create your own PDF or Microsoft Word file and insert it into your AutoCAD drawing.

PDF Import and Export:

All changes and comments you make are automatically converted into an Excel spreadsheet and synchronised into the drawing.

Export/Import of Multibody:

Embedded multi-body entities are easy to import and export from both paper and electronic versions.

3D Printing

Create 2D drawings directly into 3D printers. No special software is needed!


Built-in multibody technology enables you to import your own 3D entities.


Open the Design Resource Center, and get a real-time overview of your recent drawing activity.

Design Review

Assign appropriate comments to all entities. As soon as a comment is added to a drawing, it is automatically displayed in Design Review.

Task Dependencies

Create tasks in a drawing that refer to other tasks and an illustration of the dependencies.

Version 2023

Technology and APIs

The new technology and API architecture introduced in version 2023 is the foundation for the many innovative new features.

Industry-specific improvements

The product line version 2023 includes many industry-specific improvements, such as improvements in the interface for the Surface Automation (SPAD) solution.

Other new features

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

1. Nvidia GTX 680 or AMD equivalent
2. Intel Core i5-4590 or AMD equivalent
3. 6 GB RAM
4. 30 GB available HDD space
Game features:
– Team based
– 8-on-8
– You can play against bots, friends, or other players
– Each player has 3 profiles, that you can use separately
– You can set different settings per profile
– Play the game solo, or against another player
– It is possible to set different settings

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