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The very first version of AutoCAD Crack For Windows required a machine with a serial port connected to a dedicated graphics port on the computer. The original 1982 AutoCAD Serial Key shipped with a hard drive and DOS version of the program that was available only to licensed users. The 1980’s version of AutoCAD ran primarily on the computers with an internal graphics system that included a mouse and an internal graphics display.

Over time, AutoCAD was ported to machines with a dedicated mouse and a graphics card, and the user did not need to run the main program on a dedicated machine. One of the strengths of AutoCAD was that most of the underlying OS, keyboard and mouse drivers were provided by the software itself. AutoCAD was never connected to a network, and the only way to share data with other AutoCAD users was via printouts of drawings and exported files from a print server.

Today, AutoCAD is used by a diverse group of users, including designers, architects, engineers, scientists, educators, technicians, students, illustrators, artists, and other professionals in industries such as industrial, infrastructure, transportation, construction, architecture, fashion, energy, entertainment, gaming, publishing, manufacturing, aerospace and defense, medical, and consumer products.

In this article we will cover these topics:

A brief history of AutoCAD

Versions of AutoCAD

New features in AutoCAD 2015

AutoCAD as a mobile and web app

Pros and cons of AutoCAD

How to install AutoCAD?

AutoCAD as an AutoCAD Subscription Service

A brief history of AutoCAD

AutoCAD began its life as a desktop app running on DOS based computers. Starting with the 1985 version, AutoCAD ran on PCs with a built-in video graphics adapter. A serial port was required for those computers with a graphics adapter.

The 1990’s versions of AutoCAD supported text files and shared on floppy diskettes. This version of AutoCAD included commands that allow the user to manipulate files without having to open the file with AutoCAD. The ability to manipulate files without opening them in AutoCAD was a great feature in the 90’s version.

The first version of AutoCAD that ran on a computer with a mouse instead of a graphics terminal is the 1996 version. It also had many new features such as the ability to change the color of any part of

AutoCAD 2023 24.2 Activator

2D drawing file formats

AutoCAD supports a number of 2D drawing file formats:
Drawing Exchange Format (DXF):
AutoCAD DXF (AutoCAD 2003 and newer)
AutoCAD LT DXF (AutoCAD LT and newer)
Drawing Interchange Format (DWG):
AutoCAD DWG (AutoCAD 2003 and newer)
AutoCAD LT DWG (AutoCAD LT and newer)
Postscript (PS):
PostScript files may be drawn within the current drawing or may be linked to external files, such as EPS or PDF. There are other commercial and free applications for viewing, editing, saving and exchanging Postscript documents.
Portable Document Format (PDF):
AutoCAD PDF (AutoCAD 2000 and newer)
AutoCAD LT PDF (AutoCAD LT and newer)
Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF/A):
AutoCAD PDF/A (AutoCAD 2013 and newer)
AutoCAD LT PDF/A (AutoCAD LT 2013 and newer)
Portable Network Graphics (PNG):
AutoCAD PNG (AutoCAD 2000 and newer)
AutoCAD LT PNG (AutoCAD LT and newer)
AutoCAD InDesign (ID):
Illustrator files that are exported as SVG files.
Microsoft Office Drawing Exchange Format (DWGX):
AutoCAD DWGX (AutoCAD 2009 and newer)
AutoCAD LT DWGX (AutoCAD LT and newer)
Macromedia FreeHand MX (MXF):
Macromedia FreeHand MX (Macromedia FreeHand 8 and newer)
Macromedia FreeHand MX 2D (Macromedia FreeHand 9 and newer)
Macromedia Flash (SWF):
Macromedia Flash (Flash 8 and newer)
Macromedia Flash (Flash 9 and newer)
Macromedia Flash 8 SWF (Macromedia Flash 8 and newer)
Macromedia Flash 9 SWF (Macromedia Flash 9 and newer)
Macromedia Flash (Flash 10 and newer)

Postscript was originally the native file format for AutoCAD, but was superseded by DXF starting with version 2002.

The first DWG file format was created by Autodesk in 1989 for its original DWG program called DWG. AutoCAD DWG supports the original DWG format as well as the enhanced DW

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Enable the plugin “Powerful Asset Linking”.

Set your network credentials.

Go to the “Playback” tab, click on “Modify session”.

Select your Autocad installation path.

Click “Configure Asset Linking”.

Accept the license.

Save and exit.

Login to

Go to File > Assets > Linked Files.

You can now use the keys on your own software.

Go to the “Assets Linking” tab and click “Edit Client ID”.

Enter the key and save.

Use the same username and password.

You’re done.


It’s a crack. If you have an active subscription, it can be used only by the creator.
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What’s New in the?


In Cadence Studio, select where you want your blocks to appear on the page and choose a print size, including borders (video: 0:37 min.).

Autocad New Drawing option:

If you are creating a new drawing, you can right-click a group of blocks or a grid to toggle a hidden menu with the new Autocad New Drawing option.

– Create a new drawing by right-clicking on the tab of the block or grid.

– Delete the block or grid with the new option and continue editing on the new drawing.

Navigation Improvements:

Arrows and blocks can be further divided into smaller units to more precisely control viewing options.

– View a block or group of blocks in “Small” mode (grid, scale, rotation) or “Mini” mode (grid, scale, rotation, transparency).

– View the block or group in “Fully Selected” mode or “Selected” mode (Grid, Scale, Rotation, Transparency).

– Select the individual units to be viewed in a grid, display them in a specific orientation (grid, scale, rotation, transparency), or show the individual units (grid, scale, rotation, transparency).

Support for Windows 7 SP1:

Use the new version of Autocad that is available for Microsoft Windows 7 SP1. (Autocad 2017 and newer is not supported with Windows 7 SP1)

Autocad History and Recent Files Improvements:

Import and export Drawings

Export drawings in JSON or XSD format to a specified location.

Autocad Web Server:

Create your own Autocad server. Serve your drawings to local machines, over the internet, or using cloud computing.

Cross Platform:

Import and export drawings to and from a web browser from any computer running any operating system.

Viewing and Markup Settings:

View, zoom and pan around your drawings using the mouse or touch screen.

Make Text Easier to Read:

Transform the text on your drawings so it is easier to read. Auto-text fits the entire text to the drawing, so there is no need to resize or manually type the text.

Better Measurement Tools:

AstroPlanetTM. The astroplaneTM toolset for adding

System Requirements:

The following minimum system requirements are required to play older MGS titles.
OS: Windows XP SP3 or greater
Windows XP SP3 or greater Processor: Intel i5-2400 or AMD Phenom II X4 940 or greater
Intel i5-2400 or AMD Phenom II X4 940 or greater Memory: 2 GB RAM
2 GB RAM Graphics: NVidia GTX 460 or AMD HD7870 or greater
NVidia GTX 460 or AMD HD7870 or greater DirectX: DirectX 11.1
DirectX 11.

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