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However, you are looking at this article with another perspective. You are a person with a child, or even a teenager. So High School DxD is a story that appeals to you because you see it as a novel that you have to teach your child. We all know what high school is like. Specially here in the Philippines, when they are in high school, they face a whole lot of problems in school.

When the light novel series ended in the real world, the manga saw Koneko, the youngest of the Sekiryuutei Children, revealing that she had transformed into an angel and was now the spokesperson for the Sekiryuutei. In the series, her metamorphosis takes place in the last chapter, which is why there was no real need for an epilogue. After Sekiryuutei’s end, Koneko was given a contract as a cat girl, and in a crossover with her original manga, she was able to use her cat form to fight Godai, a descendant of the Oppai Dragon.

As with the first season, the premise is that these students are actually characters in a high school yuri (basically a kind of slapstick comedy). And, as with the first season, it will have fans of the light novel and people who are new to the franchise enjoying the show. Those who do not want to watch will be able to go to a friend, but even a friend will probably enjoy it. With the new arc being a prequel, and having its own spin-off manga, this will be a fun romp.

DxD is a great series, and while this season might not be as good as the first three seasons, I am looking forward to seeing it live on TV. It is also great to see a Japanese anime grow into an international franchise.

The manga series began serialization in September 2014. Again, Yen Press obtained the license for these releases. Fortunately, instead of only one issue per month, as they did in the original series, there are now four issues per volume. High School DxD: Asia is a spin-off series where a group of devils goes on a mission to Asia. High School DxD: Chapter 0 begins the story after Sousukes family is killed, when Rias discovers that her theives father Kiritsugu, who is also the God of the Edge, is the one responsible for their deaths.
Currently in the middle of the manga adaptation of High School DxD: Asia, Season 1 of the anime is available to stream and purchase on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. Season 2 will be available on Netflix and Hulu but not Amazon.
So what is High School DxD, you may ask yourself. It is a light novel series and manga series written and illustrated by Iszumi Hiroji and Konomi Suzuki. The light novel series began in 2004, and was published under the publishing house Shufu to Koushin in Japan. The serialization of the series in the web magazine, Web Comic Dragon began in January 2006.
Despite all the talk of their impending movie release, High School DxD isnt the only harem light novel series I have to share with you. I also want to introduce to you, Baka-Tsuki By Jove, you simply have to read it. The author started to write this series after watching a television drama.
There are more updates on the manga and the anime, so keep reading our website, we will be updating the articles as soon as we get them. At the moment, we have not released an official start date for the new season of High School Dxd, so keep checking back on our website for the latest updates!

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