Barbie In The 12 Dancing Princesses Movie In Hindi 19

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Barbie In The 12 Dancing Princesses Movie In Hindi 19

After the tradition has been completed, the King is amazed at his daughter’s performance and awards her with a “grand prize.” Gwen accepts the King’s invitation to dance for the crowd on New Year’s Eve. But while she is dancing, a huge thunderstorm occurs. The King warns everyone not to leave the kingdom until the storm has passed. Later, Rowena reveals that she has rigged the thunderstorm to last for a full week. The Princesses are upset to learn about Rowena’s deceit. They plan to help their father and take back the crown.

Barbie In The 12 Dancing Princesses is the debut feature film of the Barbie franchise. Barbie is featured prominently in the film’s storyline along with many of her friends and sisters. It also takes place in a parallel universe similar to the Earth in the Barbie animated television series.
Barbie is voiced by Vanessa Hudgens, who later reprises the role in the sequel. The film received mixed reviews from critics. It was released on DVD with a second disc containing five bonus extras. The DVD was released on September 19, 2006. The film is also available on blu-ray.

The film, on the opposite ends of the spectrum, is a step-up from the previous Barbie short film, Barbie Meets the Genie, which followed Barbie The Spy. Barbie’s character, a normal human girl, is the one to be rescued, instead of a princess, as in the previous film. In addition to the obvious differences in the storylines, the setting was changed from the Middle East to a magical palace. The plot also involves a fairy tale twist, which sets it apart from the previous two films.

the wizards plan to use the princesses’ eleven dancing abilities to open a portal to the evil wizard’s world. but the eleven princesses learn of rowena’s plan and fight to save their father. with the help of rowena’s magical monkey, brutus, the girls end up in the magical kingdom. the good wizard merlin and the evil wizard gargamel protect the kingdom and help the sisters return home. they end up saving their father, but their magical kingdom has been destroyed and the sisters can never return to the magical kingdom.
the princesses are overjoyed to be back with their father, but they realize that the castle is not the same without their mother. each princess then takes on a new princess-like role. when it comes time to return home, the sisters realize that they will have to leave their friends behind.
in this enchanting tale, the youngest princess genevieve and her eleven dancing sisters come across a magical kingdom. they quickly enter and discover that they can dance and wish for anything they desire. the sisters can’t wait to explore the magical land, but they soon learn that the special kingdom is under a spell cast by rowena and her evil wizard father, who wants to steal the magical princesses’ mother’s magical books.
the story revolves around the eleven dancing princesses that genevieve leads to their new home. though the film is really focused on genevieve and her sisters, the stories of the other princesses are also interesting. each girl is different from one another, but each one is shown to be beautiful.
lacey and genevieve are banished to the dungeons by the guards, but rowena refuses to separate them and soon discovers that they are the cause of her recent trouble. she explains that they are too powerful for her to handle and offers to reunite them in exchange for a favor. after dancing with her sister, she is apparently delighted by their performance. however, she asks them to dance again with her to make sure they don’t cause any more trouble. after the dance, rowena reveals that she had not tricked the princesses and even left the storybook to them. she reveals that, while the story is actually true, it’s also a story about the magic of finding and believing in yourself. she also reveals her true motives for taking the princesses hostage: she needs the power of their magic to help save the kingdom from a demon she is battling.

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