The pages for The Pirate Bay aren’t hard to find. All you do is search for something like DOOM and the pages for the torrents come up. Also, when you download a torrent, your machine will be doing a lot of background maintenance, so expect to be sitting on the computer for a while. If you just want the torrent, save yourself some headache and find the right site from our list below.

Although its not the best, the pirate sites offer the best overall experience and track record for installing cracked games. Some people dont even need to crack them. If they cant find the version they want, they may ask the people who uploaded the torrent (the uploader), and they can easily provide them for download.

Sometimes, the official torrents of games are very thin, slow, and full of all the things you dont want, like Ads. If youre streaming a video game and want to download the torrent alongside it, the official torrent rarely contains that. Eventually, you have to resort to just grabbing the torrent from a Pirate Bay website. Your options are pretty much limited, so choose wisely. Not all of them are safe and not all of them will install the same games as the official website.

Whenever you see something that looks and sounds like a cracked game you want, double-check the “Details” tab to make sure that its a game that is 100% legit. You can use Google Translate to find out if the game is real or not. One of the best things to know about torrents is that its nearly impossible to fake a torrent completely; you can try, but its almost always a sure bet that you are being sent a fake torrent. Be cautious!


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