As a lot of the past years, Lets look at the best torrent sites for sharing games and applications for free. Torrent sites vary in quality, as do the games they share. Sometimes they are ones that are well known, and sometimes it is a recent release that would have normally costed, lets say, $30. This is because they are, of course, for free, and can be downloaded at their moment you want it, since it is not installed yet. It is no different to pc games that come in the shop, or games for consoles that are shared online. There is no legal reason why a game should cost you more than it’s downloading.

By no means are we claiming that legitimate software, available through means other than piracy (i.e. iTunes), shouldnt be removed from stores. We see it as a power move that some stores try to maintain. That said, it can be annoying when you are trying to buy legit software and it isnt available. Thats when you can either log in and try to get it, or just download through some torrent sites and be done with it, the harder way. Here we offer some tips on getting it quickly, legally and safely.

If you want to talk about the best places to get classic games like Doom, Wolfenstein, or Call of Duty, youre best off heading to the Windows Games Archive page. This site has a massive collection of mostly freeware and shareware PC games, that each come with a detailed description, a download link, a screenshot, and a short review. Also, if you like the games, theres an option to buy the digital copy. Best of all, the games come in modern Windows versions.



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