Downloadas is a good website to download cracked software, contains all versions of all popular softwares. The site also contains full cracked software of latest browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Safari, Netscape, and Microsoft Edge. It also contains the latest cracked version of Mac OS, Windows OS, Android and Apple iOS. You can download all versions of software for free.

ClemenDROID is one of the best website for download cracked software and game and it contains all type of software, cracked or cracked version. The latest version of software such as Adobe Flash player version, Real Player, Avira Anti-Virus, Microsoft Office, n-gage Emulator, NAS, a lot of tool, including social, web and seo tools.

When it comes to downloading cracked software for free, the easy and best option is the torrent option. However, torrent files are not trustworthy, so you have to be very careful and download only from well known source. There are many active torrent sites and some of them have good trackers where you can download even cracked software. Please note that some torrent sites such as KickAssTorrents are violating the DMCA and under investigation by law enforcement agencies.

FileHorse has a free, no-strings attached program to download cracked software and most of the cracked software on this site are cracked using Volumio, which means that you can also use this site to download cracked software for all these good programs.

You have other more program cracker websites like bitrack that have more categories of cracked software. Bitrack is created and led by a member of the CTU group, which is a group in the US dedicated to breaking copyright laws. So, if you are looking for better crack or crack tools, go to

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