First of all, you need to know that even though the site is in Russia, it is legal to download cracked Windows games at this site. We do not recommend using cracktool as a downloader, but do not be afraid to use it if you are sure it will not get you in trouble with your parents or legal authorities. You can find a ton of games here and the best part about this site is that you can download Windows full cracked version from here without having to use a third-party downloader. The site also offers a handy-dandy Guide to Downloading Games on Russian IT site.

The first thing to know about this website is that it isnt a torrent site. This site doesnt even offer torrent files, but rather a Game Downloader software that would put any torrent site to shame. Although the software provides a user interface, it isnt really suitable for most people. It also supports a wide variety of game titles. Its interface is crowded and poorly designed, making it a bit of a pain to use.

With this site, you can get lost, cause your head will go spinning due to the multitude of files. However, if youre looking for a download site for cracked Windows games, this is the one you should pick. This site is quite old but it has a lot of cracked games for which you will not find on your shelf of used games. Additionally, you have the option of downloading crack pack for all games you download. All games found on this site are old, and are only available in Russian language. is the one stop shop when it comes to downloading Windows cracked games. This is a Windows games download site that can handle all of your cracked games needs. This site has a massive database of cracked games ranging from sports titles to racing simulators and many more. You can find all of the latest cracked games for Windows, from downloading cracked games to full games, from wallpapers, toolbars, skins, and much more. This site is fully legal, meaning you can download your cracked games without any worries.


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