The latest map for BMW CIC and NBT idrive Update. Let me know if you need a download link or help … The latest map for BMW CIC and NBT idrive Update. Let me know if you need a download link or help!
E90 – NBT evo and NBT cidrive
BMW NBT evo and NBT cidrive.
2016 map update.
Hi all.
In this video I show you how to update the maps for BMW NBT evo and NBT CIDrive.
Also in the video I talk about the
2017 map update.
In this video I show you how to update 2017 maps for NBT
Maps for car navigation is the most important and necessary accessory today.
In our case, these are 2017 maps for the stock navigation system (NBT Evo) of the BMW X3.
In fact, updating maps in the BMW X3 is not as simple a procedure as it may seem
How to update the navigation BMW NBT evo to the latest version.
Russia maps for BMW NBT Evo navigation At the moment, BMW NBT Evo is using the latest version of navigation 2016.
And this version does not have support for 2017 Russia maps.
You can download maps of Russia 2017 for nbt evo here: Yandex map, Yandex map (for navigation) Google map, Google map (for navigation) OpenStreetMap – OpenStreetMap (for navigation) Sputnik map (for navigation) Google maps (for navigation) Traffic jams map (for navigation) Maps Russia has full support for all services Yandex: traffic jams, weather, transport schedule, metro scheme, search for organizations.
NBT evo is a multimedia system for your BMW.
NBT evo is a multimedia box that is installed into the standard car.
NBT evo allows you to display absolutely any information, including navigation, on the screen of your multimedia system.
The screen can display both navigation maps and information from any multimedia systems installed in your car.
NBT evo is a multifunctional module that is installed in the OEM place.
NBT evo is one of the most advanced navigation systems available for BMW.
NBT EVO has a unique feature set that provides a navigation system that includes maps for all of Europe.
NBT EVO can be integrated into the vehicle system, which in turn enables the use of a touchscreen for navigation.
The NBT EVO is state-of-the-art and has all the features you need to use it, including a built-in 10GB hard drive and Bluetooth.
NBT EVO is a navigation system with the ability to update and update maps.
The screen displays data on traffic congestion and therefore improves navigation.
Traffic information is displayed on the screen to improve navigation conditions.
Additional screens are available as an option: – Parking camera screen, – Screen for displaying information about vehicles in the blind spot, – Screen for displaying speed information, namely information about the current and average speed.
NBT EVO is also a voice control support system.

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I know you’re going to ask why you would want to update the navi when someone is in the process of trying to repair your CIC process. The answer is simple: If you don’t update the navi, the navigate still remains the 2013 navi.
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