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Caedium is an innovative and flexible CAE software system that helps you analyze gas and liquid flow.
Caedium is unique as it combines a solid foundation in fluid mechanics and an easy-to-learn interface that allows you to get the most from its sophisticated physics model.
When you run Caedium, you have the option of simulating your model in terms of pressure, velocity, temperature, or a combination of these.
Caedium creates the most realistic simulations of how gas or liquid flow and heat transfer through your models.
Caedium can simulate the effects of your geometry on gas and liquid flow.
Caedium allows you to import geometry from other 3D and 2D CAD packages, including ArchiCAD, V-Ray and SolidWorks.
As you change your models, Caedium will show the immediate effects of the changes. This allows you to see how a design will behave under varied conditions and analyze your modifications in real time.
With Caedium, you can explore the effects of your geometry on the flow of air or water, heat transfer, aerodynamics, fuel and exhaust, and cooling systems.
The results of your simulations are presented in a variety of graphical formats.
You can upload your results to help you make informed decisions about your model.
When you have a final design and you have to explain why your model works the way it does, Caedium is a great tool. You can analyze your design, explain the physics, and make sure your model is a good one.
Caedium has the following powerful features:
Simulation of gas and liquid flow
Compatibility with CAD systems
Import of geometry from other CAD packages
Advanced visual analysis
Easy to learn interface

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Caedium Crack

Caedium Torrent Download enables you to evaluate and visualize your models’ aerodynamic performance.
Caedium Download With Full Crack 3D lets you study the global aerodynamic flow over your design in 3D.
Caedium Aero enables you to see how the flow over your model changes over time.
Caedium Aero 2D lets you see how your design will perform in two dimensions.
You can download the basic version of Caedium for free! This free download functions as a viewer for Caedium files and allows you to get a feel for Caedium’s easy-to-use interface and capabilities.
Caedium features:
3D-only and 2D flow over an unlimited number of 2D planes.
Import any 3D-modeled geometry into Caedium and see its flow in 3D.
Simulate the aerodynamic flow over the geometry, including airfoils, bodies, wakes, and pressure drops.
Analyze aerodynamic stability and demonstrate blade stall in real time.
Export aerodynamic data to Excel or convert your results into a printable report.
Edit, modify, re-simulate, and print your geometry on the fly!
Save geometry in multiple formats: STEP, STL, IGES, STL-ML, OBJ, VRML, PGI, SWF and EXR.
Automatic template creation for easy geometry editing.
Drag and drop your geometry into a template.
Drag and drop your design templates to customize how your models render.
Create 2D and 3D views.
Measure areas on the geometry and export them to Excel.
High-speed export of thousands of lines to images of your design.
Examine your design at different angles.
Simulate the aerodynamic pressure losses over a region.
View pressure charts and graphs of different areas of your model.
Simulate the aerodynamic pressure loss of a jet in real time.
Compare two models.
Automatically generate a report of your results.
Select any one of your models from the templates in the import function.
Drag and drop objects and models from elsewhere in your documents.
Define the test on an object-by-object basis.
Translate your geometry in whatever direction you prefer.

Caedium Crack + Activation Key Download

Caedium is an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use 3-D CAD system that combines a powerful direct-simulation engine with easy-to-use, forward-facing viewport tools.
Caedium supports both direct CFD analysis and full-featured computer-aided engineering (CAE) design tools. CAE tools include 3-D geometric modeling, simulation, and animation, and they can be used to analyze real-world components, assemble functional pieces and components, and construct and animate the final product.
The simulation engine in Caedium provides direct CFD simulation of a geometry specified by the user. In addition, it includes an extended set of 3D geometric tools for creating and modifying complex geometry.
Caedium analyzes how a gas or liquid will flow over and through a geometry by default, however you can also specify a vector-field analysis or mesher as one of the simulation options.
Simulation is the first thing you interact with in Caedium. From the simulation menu, you can select from a variety of direct, vector-field, or classical CFD flow types.
Caedium automatically detects flow-type from the geometry and by default will automatically create an analysis mesh, which is used by default for direct CFD. The direct CFD calculation runs on your computer using a proprietary direct CFD solver developed for Caedium. You can modify the flow type on the fly as you run the simulation.
Caedium also allows you to specify an analysis mesh from a variety of mesh generation algorithms available in Caedium.
Caedium can create mesh-based CFD analysis or use an automatic mesh generator for an Unstructured Mesh (UM) CFD analysis. CFD calculations on UM meshes are much faster than on polyhedral meshes.
You can configure the way the mesh points are distributed for both CFX and UM CFD analysis, enabling the use of multiple flow cells for more accurate results.
Viewport Interface
Caedium allows you to visualize your flow analysis in the 3D application viewport and you can view the simulation result or a 3D animation result. You can zoom in on, out of, and along any axis. You can also rotate your view around any axis. This view becomes the display area for your direct CFD result.
Caedium’s viewport interface is as powerful as the simulation engine. You can add your own views to Caedium’s UI

What’s New In?

What is it?
· In-house software used by many design companies and researchers.
· Just a viewer?
No, unlike other 3D viewers Caedium includes all the power of other programs plus the ability to do physics (fluid, solid, heat transfer, etc.) and even digital painting.
· Up to 200 million iterations over a design in a couple of seconds.
Graphic Output:
· Fully scalable simulation without loosing the physics and customization potential.
· 300+ updates per year (with lots of bug fixes).
· A very stable (production quality) platform.
Why should I buy Caedium?
· Free basic version.
· High engineering level design functions included.
· High end results with limited learning curve.
· Free upgrade to the fully featured, more powerful version when available!
· Computer simulation of airflow and heat transfer with unlimited iterations.
· Dynamic simulation with hydrodynamics.
· Batch simulation of 1000 simulations a second.
· Physical paint simulation, with all the power of your graphics card.
· Friendly intuitive interface.
· Autofill all the functions.
· No need to know Java or C++.
· No need to download anything or type anything. Just open the file and it will work right away.
· Free upgrades and updates.
· Automatically upgrade to the latest version when it is released.
· Easy to install and easy to use.
· Plug and play.
· Multiple languages (English, French, German, Spanish).
· High speed computing system.
· Very easy to learn.
Caedium includes a standard set of components.
● Graphics and Controls.
Caedium includes two real time simulation tools, a visual environment for importing and exporting 3D models and a set of visual controls.
● Physics and Advanced Components.
Caedium includes a physics engine and a number of components designed to help you do physics in your simulation.
● Free Features.
All of the major functions are included in the basic version of Caedium for free. To unlock all the capabilities of the program, you can order all the components for Caedium.
Other Add-Ons for Caedium:
Caedium Basic
Caedium Advanced
Note: Caedium Advanced will only work in Caedium Basic version.




System Requirements For Caedium:

* DirectX® 11 compatible video card, or equivalent
* Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 10 compatible
* 1 GHz+ processor
* 1 GB RAM
* 5 GB available hard drive space
* 1250 x 768 resolution
* 1250 x 1050 resolution
* Supports the DirectX® 11.0 graphics API
* Supports the Steam™ Cloud
* 64-bit Windows
* Windows® Internet Explorer™ 10 or later
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