CommView Remote Agent is a reliable tool designed to monitor multi-segments LANs, the transfer speed and buffer utilization. The utility comes as an extension to CommView and enables it to capture packets from remote stations.
LAN administration and network monitoring tools
CommView is a reliable tool that allows you to monitor the network traffic, speed, buffer usage and various other parameters for any PC or group of PCs on an LAN. CommView Remote Agent can extend the capabilities of CommView by allowing it to capture remote packets as well.
In other words, the extension allows CommView users to gather data from any computer on which it is installed. The connection is established through an IP address and a specific port that CommView is listening to. Thus, you can capture network traffic data recorded on a remote station, regardless of the computer’s physical location.
The extension can be installed as a standalone program on any number of computers and communicate with the corresponding instance of CommView.
Simple configuration and usage
Once installed on a computer, CommView Remote Agent runs in the background. You may easily open its interface and change certain options, such as the port it listens to and the client IP address. These parameters are required to connect to the CommView instance that collects the data.
The Remote Agent tool displays the number of packets/bytes transferred, as well as the percentage of buffer usage in its interface. You can start, stop or pause the service, plus set a password for authenticating clients that connect to the Remote Agent.
Useful application for network monitoring
CommView Remote Agent is simple to install and to use. The program runs in the background and you may open its interface to configure the IP address and port corresponding to the CommView client. You need to make sure that the firewall and additional PC security levels are properly set to permit the data transfer.







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CommView Remote Agent (April-2022)

If you run CommView for Windows, you may install CommView Remote Agent for monitoring remote stations on the network.
The tool is designed to work for Windows 2000 and Windows NT/98/95 (SP4 and up) and requires the CommView software to be running on the computer it’s installed on.
The tool lets you:
Capture remote TCP/IP/UDP connections
Monitor the buffer usage of remote connections
View the bandwidth of remote connections
Identify the number of packets or bytes transferred through the connection
When the remote computer connects to CommView, the site’s IP address and port are configured and this information is used to connect to the corresponding CommView client.
Windows and OS X versions:
CommView Remote Agent for Windows 7/8/8.1/10
CommView Remote Agent for OS X 10.9 or higher. (10.8 is unsupported).
Related software topics:
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CommView Remote Agent Full Product Key Free For Windows

It’s a LAN monitoring tool. You can monitor LAN traffic and capture packets from any computer on which it is installed.

Screen Capture

CommView Remote Agent has a multi-window interface that allows you to monitor LAN traffic and capture packets from any computer on which it is installed.
You can monitor LAN traffic from anywhere in real time using the remote access component.

It’s a LAN monitoring tool. You can monitor LAN traffic and capture packets from any computer on which it is installed.

Screen Capture

CommView Remote Agent has a multi-window interface that allows you to monitor LAN traffic and capture packets from any computer on which it is installed.
You can monitor LAN traffic from anywhere in real time using the remote access component.

The tool comes as an extension for CommView and enables it to capture packets from remote stations.


Click the ‘Start’ button. Search for the program and click the program’s icon to execute it.


Do not set any properties.

Shortcut menu

You can use the following shortcuts keys for launching the tool:

The utility can be started from the Windows menu, either in the Accessories or in the Programs category.


You may download CommView Remote Agent from the tool’s Download section, on the site. Double-click on the downloaded file to extract it to a temporary folder. In this folder, the installer for CommView Remote Agent is located. Double-click on it to execute the tool. You may also launch the setup from CommView.


In case you decide to use CommView Remote Agent for free, you will have to accept the End User License Agreement.

When you decide to purchase the tool, it’s going to show you a license key. Simply enter it into the License key field (in the License tab). After the payment is made, you are going to receive an email with the license key.

The CommView license key is a unique key that is not going to be used for other applications. If you encounter problems with the setup or you want to reinstall the tool, you may download and execute the setup again.



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What’s New in the?

For network administrators and users, CommView Remote Agent is a tool that monitors network traffic and collects data from remote stations on an LAN. It is easy to use and configure. Plus, the tool is much easier to secure than the other conventional network monitoring tools.
Monitor data transferred on the LAN
The remote agent tool is designed to provide comprehensive network statistics by monitoring the LAN traffic and providing data on the network traffic. Hence, you will be able to gather data on all network users at once.
You can easily monitor the full traffic pattern of LAN connected PCs as well as upload the data to CommView database. Thus, the tool will allow you to set up a centralized monitoring of the network using a specific CommView instance.
The monitoring data is collected using raw commands. These data include the number of bytes transferred, the number of packets per time period and other network-related data. Therefore, the transferred data can be generated only using raw commands.
Subsequently, you will be able to generate the graphs and charts for network statistics and analyze the data in this interface.
In addition to monitoring the LAN traffic and network data, CommView Remote Agent allows you to restrict access to the monitoring interface for the LAN users.
The utility also comes with a built-in firewall that enables you to control and regulate access to network resources. Once installed, it is possible to connect to the LAN from remote stations, allowing you to monitor the data transferred. The tool will also keep track of available PC resources, allowing you to save the data for later analysis.
As a centralized tool, the extension can be installed on any PC. Plus, this option provides the ability to configure the server and access to monitor traffic on an offline basis.
Thus, you can manage the LAN from any computer on the network and gather the data in a way that is convenient to analyze. The utility requires only a single centralized instance of CommView to perform all LAN monitoring tasks. Hence, using this tool, you will be able to manage the LAN even if the CommView is not running.
Features of CommView Remote Agent:
CommView Remote Agent is a versatile tool, highly customizable. It is a free tool that comes with a limit set of features. In comparison to other tools, this extension also comes with the following features:
· Support for both IPv4 and IPv6.
· Password protection for authenticating the remote access to the monitored LAN.
· Automatically control access to the monitoring interface.
· Graphic charts for displaying

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 64-bit or later
Processor: 1.6 GHz or higher
Memory: 1 GB or higher
Graphics: Intel HD4000 or later
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 16 GB or higher
Additional Notes:
Installed Base requirements will change as games and drivers are updated over time.
Some AMD graphics drivers are known to have compatibility issues with VR.
Keyboard and mouse must be connected to the computer.

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