Counter Strike 1.6 Half Life Crossfire Map Indir ##VERIFIED##


Counter Strike 1.6 Half Life Crossfire Map Indir

Aug 15, 2014 – This map is a modification of the original Crossfire map from Half Life. I made the whole mod myself, trimming its size to the main … Download Crossfire map for CS 1.6.
Crossfire is a map from the game Half Life on which you have to play in different game modes.
Here you can learn how to download the map Crossfire for cs 1.6 and start playing it in Counter-Strike 1.6.
Here is a new map Crossfire for cs 1.6 is ready.
In it, you will have to take control of several military, which will protect.
Crossfire – Map for playing Counter-Strike 1.6.
Name: Crossfire.
Genre: Map for CS 1.6.
Description: Map for CS 1.6.

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