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How to avoid HTML code in website?

I’m a novice in web development. We have been tasked with creating a website that will be used by over 11,000 people. I’ve looked at many tutorials on making websites, but none of them seem to say anything about how to avoid having the website look like what it is. For example,

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Architect The Cracked Rim (CD/DVD) (Kasper, Chris) (2016-04-01). Basil has published the best-selling first-person defense games of 2017. ChuggaChuggaConundrum (NDS). Armorgames (WW/P) (2016-03-24). “The Cracked Rim is an open-world game.
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How can I use the ACF image field inside a condition in PHP?

I have a super basic ACF fields with an image option.
example code of the field here
Below is the simple conditional that I am trying to create that if the image field is empty, display the information else just display the title of the field.
I have tried to following but haven’t had any luck:


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