Download ^NEW^ Mcgs Embedded Configuration Software 12 8


Download Mcgs Embedded Configuration Software 12 8

Set the subject in the Subject window by clicking on ‘Configuration’ and selecting the ‘LabScribe-1017/12_MCGS_Config.xml’ file from the Archive

You have now configured LabScribe to start the MCGS sampler automatically when the specimen is placed in the autosampler.

The MCGS sample preparation software will now be loaded when the sample is placed into the autosampler. When the sample is run, the computer automatically selects the ‘Apply MCGS Sample Preparation’ option on the ‘Run’ screen.

Select the ‘Select’ option from the drop-down box and navigate through the ‘Select’ screen, entering the sample for which you want to perform the MCGS sample preparation and set the parameters for MCGS sample preparation.

Click the ‘Run’ button to begin sample preparation.

To cancel sample preparation,
Select the ‘Cancel’ option and click ‘OK’ on the ‘Ok: Sample Processing Failed’ message dialog box.

Check the ‘Output’ window to view the results of the sample preparation. The FASTQ tab will display the sequence reads.

Click the ‘OK’ button to close the ‘MCGS’ window.

The output of the sequence reads will be shown in the ‘Output’ window. The number of sequence reads is matched to the number of the sample, if the sample preparation process was successful. The FASTQ tab will show the sequence reads in the ‘Sequence Files’ window. Note the ‘FASTQ Sequence Records’ are shown under the file and folder name in the ‘Sequence Files’ window. The ‘Sequence Files’ window will provide you with a summary of the sequence reads and also provide a display of the sequence reads in the tabular format.

The sequence reads in the FASTQ tab will be used for alignment by the MISSA Bowtie. If there are no sequences available in the file, MISSA will create an empty file in the directory and label it as ‘Did Not Match.’

To learn more about the alignment of sequence reads, refer to the LabScribe User’s Guide.

Gain access to the MISSA Bowtie software.

Set the Subject field

from EnviroDX


[h2] Level 5 – Logging[h2]

You can


[link= download your EnviroDX-FIS302.mcg file, simply click on the DOWNLOAD MAGNETIC PARTICLE IMAGER button.



You can also configure your EnviroDX using mctools or the LabScribe configuration software.




[h2] Configuring Environmental Factors and Operating Conditions[h2]


[divider type=full-width]
The following represents a selection of configuration items that should be
set before entering the chamber with your EnviroDX.

[divider type=full-width]
# Pressure
set pressure to

# Volts
set volts to

# Current
set current to

# Time
set time to

# Set a base current
set base current to

# Set a base pressure

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