The Sands of Time
A critically acclaimed action RPG from the makers of Trails of Cold Steel. The game that broke the color barrier in the genre.

The Dark Lord Emerges
A third-person action RPG set in a fantasy world with unique elements of adventure.


As the game developer for A-star Heroes, A-star, Inc. is an independent software development company based in Tokyo, Japan. The main product is a free-to-play MMORPG action-RPG game, A-star Heroes. For more information on us, please visit


A-star, Inc. has no connection with Japanese Online Game Service named A-star Heroes.


Promotional Material and other add-on products for A-star Heroes
you know several of the earliest settlers of Australia came from Wales?

Daniel Solander, who was born in Glamorganshire, went to New South Wales in 1770. He spent time on the Botany Bay and took part in the First Fleet.

Solander was the nephew of the famous botanist, Carl von Linné.

Carl von Linné, who was born in the town of Marienburg in Silesia, went to England as an ambassador.

After staying for a short time at Halsgrove he lived at Cheam.

He was the first to publish books on trees and insects and is the pioneer of modern forestry.

Linné was buried in the Chapel of St Katherine Cree in London. The chapel is today part of Cheam Parish Church in South East London.

Anne McIntosh, born in Llanllwyne, Caernarfon, settled in London and married William Kerr of Carlisle.

She was a teacher and illustrator of fairy tales.


Features Key:

  • Arts : The Elven Force
    Their power crystal, moving their kingdom to fortune. Master the power of the Elven Force and become a mighty elf lord!
  • Quests : A Mysterious Journey
    A mysterious Journey that always moves. Find the truth about the things that have happened. Only by being a friend to all the living things, you can enjoy an abundant new world!
  • Companion : Turn into a Friend
    Upgrade your strength, obtain exclusive weapons and gear, and cultivate a stable relationship with a companion from the neighboring race!
  • Please refer to the release notes for other features of the update. Thank you for your continued support!

    Note: If you are also installing “Mitsurugi II: Kimetsu no Kaikyaku” on the “NieR” launcher, an error will occur when you run the game. Before installing “Tales of Berseria: The New Adventure-”, please delete the game data and settings in “NieR”.

    ©Gonobe, ©Square Enix

    So Popular, My LinkedIn Trapped Me

    The business of business is friendship…but it’s not how you plan. It’s how you end up.

    There you go. I’ve written about the business of the business almost as frequently as myself.

    Well, I have learned that LinkedIn is almost as effective as using a straight razor. The great thing about a straight razor is that you don’t have to ask questions of yourself; it just seems easier to ask other people than to look for answers for yourself.

    This is particularly true as I work through the final moves before I can expect to be CEO of the company I founded. I have been waiting for months for an online audience to sufficiently recognize my new position, my achievements, my ability to teach on this business of business, my robustness, my humility, and my travel absences because I am dying, and I’m not usually correct anyway.

    My one note on LinkedIn was perfect.

    It was just a note to myself, to explore what sort of exposure I might ask of a targeted audience.

    I sent it off to my Mentor, whose first sentence was “Well


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    [Review] Elden Ring game(ZT Games)

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    – 「Otakukart」

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    [Review] Elden Ring game(ZT Games)

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    [Review] Elden Ring game(ZT Games)

    Coming soon to Steam, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

    ■ Title: Elden Ring

    ■ Release Date: 2018/01/17

    ■ Genre: Action RPG

    ■ Developer: ZT Games

    ■ Price: $59.99 (PlayStation 4 Version)/ 59.99 (Nintendo Switch Version)

    ■ Available Payment Methods

    ● PS4, Nintendo Switch and Steam Platforms

    ● PayPal

    ■ Search “Elden Ring” at

    ● Square Enix on the PlayStation Store and Switch eShop

    ● ZT Games on the PlayStation Store

    ■ Catalogs

    ● “Elden Ring”*

    ● Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara*

    * Pre-Order bonus (North America only)

    (PC only)

    ■ Additional Details

    * The above content is based on the video above.

    ■ Embedded Video


    ■ Elden Ring Official Website



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    Special Features @fantasyCerebral venous thrombosis and cerebral magnetic resonance venography findings in patients with idiopathic intracranial hypertension.
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    What’s new:

    Fight your way through the unique dungeon dungeon in this endless action RPG.
    • Simple, Easy, But Challenging
    Extensive features, including the original “auto run” system, auto attack, and auto getaway function, will make this an easy, comfortable game. The “easy” nature also combined with fast reflexes makes for a fast-paced action game that doesn’t leave you fatigued.
    • Discover a Trove of Heroes to Characterize Your Determination!
    A well-developed story and universe, unique monsters, and of course the player’s own choices and actions, all become a vivid backdrop to describe the game’s good times. A hero blessed by destiny to stand in the middle of a string of unfortunate events, your quest also begins to lose its original form… Your quest will transcend beyond that as you continue on to become a more worthy hero in a parallel world.
    • An Unrestrained Action RPG That Will Impress You
    Combining a unique and intelligent battle system, never-before seen character development, and most importantly, a battle full of surprising choices while remaining fun and thrilling, this game would be valued by RPG fans.
    • Create Your Own Legendary Character
    You have three choices when you become a hero. You can fight using weapons, use magic in battle, or make your way through with the skills you develop using magic, the knowledge you discover, and your own strengths and weaknesses as a hero.
    • Massively Extend the Game
    Build your own home, equip your own set of armor, and engage in a vast number of mini-games. With the intricate action and interactive features, you will be sucked into the game for hours!

    And it’s been upgraded!
    Highlighted features:
    • Pick one, choose your style!
    Put on the Pulse Sword and circle through the level as you fight back against the ice tower attacking your town!
    Or let Neo go to complete the mission and earn double rewards!
    • High-quality graphics.
    Even though it’s a 2D version, the game still looks beautiful.
    • The unique interface!
    The game gets rid of the standard grid maps for a “Transformation Map” that allows the player to easily figure out the route of the action.
    • Intuitive control.
    Although it uses 2D graphics, the controls


    Download Elden Ring Crack

    1. Unpack the.rar file.
    2. Run the setup, and install the game.
    3. Copy everything in the crack folder into the game folder.
    4. Play the game.

    Yes, you can play the game on two or more computers that have two screens connected to each other.

    A. The game is displayed one at a time, so that the game screen or the main menu of the two screens do not switch.

    Q. How do I play the game using the computer’s web browser?

    The game is accessed from the web browser of the computer with the game installed.

    A. The game is displayed one at a time, so that the game screen or the main menu of the two screens do not switch.

    Q. I want to control the other character using the keyboard.

    A. You can control the other character using the mouse and keyboard.

    Q. I want to control the other character using the gamepad.

    A. You can control the other character using the gamepad.

    Q. How to record another character’s actions in the game?

    A. There is no way to record another player’s actions.

    FAQ 2. I cannot log in to the game from the web browser or the game client.

    A. 1. In order to log in, the URL of the game’s website or the login URL of the game client must be added to the address or bookmark in the web browser. 2. The password you use to log in is the one you used to register for the game.

    3. If you are asked to login using Facebook, you will be unable to log in until you have registered your Facebook account.

    Q. Is it possible to play the game using the computer’s gamepad?

    A. It is not possible to play the game using the computer’s gamepad.

    Q. Is it possible to play using touchscreen devices?

    A. It is not possible to play using touchscreen devices.

    Q. Is it possible to play the game from the cloud?

    A. It is not possible to play the game from the cloud.

    The date of the full version will be decided after the launch of the beta version. It will be provided at the earliest after the launch of the beta version


    How To Crack:

  • Note: DLCs and Screenshoots are not included on this download.
  •     1. Extract the files you downloaded earlier into their own folder.
  •     2. Open the game and the Razer Diamondback game folder which you will find on your steamapps Folder in your Roaming\Steam\userdata\login\ folder.
  •     3. Run Defragmenter and clean the whole folder.
  •     4. Run the game and enjoy
  •     5. If you restart your PC you will need to take toentrance during the login screen and login again with your account.
  • Enjoy!!!

    I had a theros game and everything was pretty much fine. Then the game just says it’s crashed after I launch it. it’s just the black bar of nothing waiting on me and the error log just said that the game crashed because I had over 100% charged mana, I started to reduce the ratio and it says “Plugin crash” then nothing really happens

    Hi Roush,
    Thanks for creating this handy tutorial.
    I´m confused atm because I´m using this game on Win 8.1 without any problems. When I tried to download Elden Ring from the official site, Steam and Razer, I downloaded only the latest version. Since I haven´t managed to find any crack for the upgraded version, I started to download the cracked version which is from what I know 7 versions behind the official version. But now it crashes every time I try to launch it. This is what the Steam issue report says: “The game could not be loaded because of an internal error. Please contact the Steam Support team for further information.” If you are to save me, could you please explain in details how to download the increased version? I´m really getting crazy
    Thanks for your time
    LarsMembers of the rock band R.E.M. were unsurprisingly st


    System Requirements:

    The game will work on most PC systems, however some systems may not support all game features. We recommend that players with the following system configurations test the game before purchase:
    PC Requirements:
    Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10
    1 GHz or faster processor
    512 MB RAM
    5 GB available hard drive space
    1024×768 or higher display resolution
    DirectX 9.0c or later
    A functioning internet connection
    SteamOS/Linux Requirements:


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