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Your zip files have code they don’t execute.
From the zip file dir, we can tell that the first executable file is “epsonmeoffice620fadustmentprogramrar\Epson\EpsonPowerSuite\Epson\EpsonPowerSuite\Bin\x64\Win32\Debug\epsonmeoffice620fadustmentprogramrar.exe”.
The second file in that directory is “epsonmeoffice620fadustmentprogramrar\Epson\EpsonPowerSuite\Epson\EpsonPowerSuite\Bin\x64\Win32\Debug\epsonmeoffice620fadustmentprogramrar.pdb”.
So from what I can tell, the files are executable, but are not runnable because there is no way to launch them.

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Recursively performing a function in Racket

I’m writing a script in Racket (version 6.7.5), and I’m trying to write a recursive function that runs a function repeatedly, until it has performed enough calls. Here’s the core of what I’m doing:
(define iteration_limit 10)
(define additional_iterations 5)
(define (loop f)
(f (iteration_limit) 0))

What I want to do is run this function repeatedly until it performs a given number of calls to the function f, at which point it should stop. I don’t want to use a while loop to go through calls to loop since that doesn’t seem to be what I’m supposed to do, but I’m not sure how to do this recursively. I’d also like to add that the reason I’m using a function to do this is that I plan on eventually using this to perform a “backtrack” within a tic-tac-toe board, where the backtrack is doing the same thing over and over again until it reaches a win position (similar to a minimax algorithm).
Thank you in advance for any help.


You could try this:
(define (repeated-call-until-f limit)
(define f (lambda () (define recur (loop f)) recur))
(f limit))

The key is to use a lambda to define recur: that will define another function that calls the loop function until f returns.
> (repeated-call-until-f 20)
> 3

Function calls
-> (define (repeated-call-until-f limit) (define f (lambda () (define recur (loop f)) recur)))

(define recur (loop f))

(loop f)

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