The Fetcher application is a simple and handy program that builds a library of your music.
The program fetches information from metal-archives, discogs, etc., and shows you what you are missing.







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The Fetcher application builds a library of the music you have. If you are missing a music track, it can find it on the web.

Fetcher Requirements:

The Fetcher application has been built for Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Some requirements :

Windows XP and Vista : can run this program from the Start menu ;
Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox 3.0 or Chrome ;
Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 SP1 ;
Internet Explorer 8 or Firefox 3.5 ;
The Download Chromium add-on ;
A stable internet connection ;
Administrator rights.
You can also try it with Opera 9 or Firefox 3.5 ;

1/ Launch the program.
2/ Click “Install”.
3/ Follow the installation instructions.

Operation notes :
* The program uses your browsing history. If you are surfing the web, it will store the history from your browser.
* The program does not download music, but takes information from the web.
* You must be connected to the internet for the program to work. (The ‘Fetcher’ program will download music if you ‘browse’ for it with your internet browser.)
* The program is still in beta. There may be a number of bugs that can cause the program to crash.
* You can also tell the Fetcher to download only tracks you are missing, or to install only albums that do not already exist on your hard drive.
* The Fetcher is licensed using the open source GNU General Public License (GPLv3). See below for the full license.


The following information explains how to use the Fetcher.


The Fetcher application must be installed and run from the Start menu.
You can also run the program directly from the Start menu.
You can download the installation program here.
This is the download for Windows XP. You can get the installation program for Windows Vista here.
You can also run the application from the command prompt by double clicking the.exe file.
When you install the program, there is a mini-installer which takes all your browsing history.
This may be a privacy issue, and, depending on your security settings, you can disable this mini-installer.

Browse for music

Fetcher uses your internet browser, which means you can browse the web to look for music.

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Fetcher is a program that builds a library of your music.
It can look up information about albums, artists, songs, genres, tracks and playlists.
At your request it can optionally display the covers (artwork).
Fetcher can play back single and multiple tracks, showing you the digital footprint of each item (title, lyrics, rating, user comments).
Covers will be downloaded automatically.
Fetcher can get information from Metal-Archives, Discogs, MusicBrainz, Google, Wikipedia, Your Music, Qobuz, SoundCloud, YouTube, YouTube Music and your own library.
Fetcher shows you what you can or can not hear, and what you have heard already.
It uses Metal-Archives libfreeze (now free, but when Fetcher is at version 1.x the fetcher will still work with libfreeze-old).
Fetcher Version 1.11 is now self-sufficient and can be used without libfreeze (though some parameters can still only be set via a configuration file).
Fetcher can be used both as stand-alone application and as daemon.
Fetcher currently supports a range of audio formats:

Android App

Download the APP and set the application path to the fetcher folder.

Required libraries:


Also required libraries are listed in the configuration file fetcher.ini.
Please note that album covers are only downloaded for the current user, not for everyone that has been used Fetcher.


Use the Amazon MP3 API or the Amazon Music API for online tracks.


cURL is required for all fetcher operations (downloads, info, play).


MIDI controller support is optional and requires a program that is capable of sending MIDI events and receiving them.
Some devices support a MIDI-Only-Mode, which means the control of it’s displays is optional.


Use the FetcherBitTorrent client to download the tunes.


Convertor is a program that is capable of converting your music.
In Fetcher 1.x the Convertor is run by the Converter application (which is part of the fetcher).
In Fetcher 2.x the Convertor is included as fetcher application, this enables to use it without converting the music.

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Version 2.1 beta released on August 16th, 2004.
New features include:
An online version. This is no longer a command line program (see ‘info’).
An X Window control application
An online visualizer
A text index
Eclipse integration
Option to listen only to online sources
Searching now based on genre
Index is a filelist. There are no disk drives
Index is in 3 formats: UNIX list, Winlist, xml
For Windows 7 (XP may work, I haven’t tested it)
One last note:
Some have been asking when there are going to be playlists, what the cost is for online access, etc.
These items are still the topic of ongoing discussions at Metal Archives.
I’ve created a text index so that if people make their own lists, they will still be available.
I think the cost is free, but no one really knows yet.
Credit for much of this stuff goes to the metal archives folks themselves.
This program is a very simple demonstration of some of the things that are possible.
Fetcher in
You can read more about the program at the fetcher home page.
We are in the process of making images and will be making a forum for fetcher in the near future.
Please notify us if your email is not working.

Just download, double click and run.
It will install in to the current directory.
This is not an official ftp site.
Instructions for installing fetcher (package in tar.gz):
You can read more about the program at the fetcher home page.
(No license)

Fetcher 2.0 is now available.
Let me know how it works for you.
Fetcher is for those who prefer the command line and download music.
Fetcher is a music library manager that builds a library of your music.
Fetcher is more than a simple music player.
Fetcher is a very simple program that works with online music sources such as metal-archives, discogs and musicbrainz.
A simple file system is built up and your music is organized in
to playlists, genres and folders.
Fetcher is easy to use and very simple.
It is based on making your own virtual disk.
Fetcher handles

What’s New in the?

Fetcher is a music library manager in the extreme. It downloads complete albums (and other media) from the Internet and helps you assemble your own music library.
The product is an open source project and can be downloaded free of charge. Because the program needs to connect to the Internet over HTTP, it is recommended that a modern internet connection be available. If it isn’t, the program can be run in offline mode to save the need for a network connection.
Fetcher Screenshots:

What’s New in This Release:
* Support for the Sonos Play:1 music player
* Support for the webcams included in the Soundcombo audio-video device.
* Small improvements.
Known Bugs:
* Fetcher does not work when being run on Windows 2000/XP with Internet Explorer 6.
* Due to some limitations of the Google Gears framework, Fetcher may slow down browser operations to a snail’s pace when Google Gears is enabled.
* Fetcher cannot detect when the internet connection is lost. If you are disconnected, Fetcher will simply be left in an ‘Unknown’ state and will need to be re-initialized.
* Like other software, Fetcher can be unpredictable if run in an ‘undocumented’ state. You can set this by setting the environment variable ‘FETCHER_NO_EXIT’ to 1. You must run the program in this state before trying to install or upgrade the program.
Known Versions:
* 0.2.0
Fetcher Requirements:
* Java 1.5 or higher
* Native Windows applications support: Windows 2000/XP and Windows Vista/7
* The Internet connection is required to run Fetcher. If you have a network connection you can start the program.
* During setup, the program will want to install a Google Gears plugin for the Internet connection. Choose OK to proceed.
* Users will be prompted to download an installer for Java browser plugin if they have not already done so.
* The program will also need to be installed by the user with administrator privileges.
* Fetching multi-disk albums requires Internet Explorer 6 or higher. If you are on a Windows 7/Vista computer or older, you will have to upgrade your browser to IE 6.
* The program is tested with the standalone Android platform, and not the Google Android app store. If you want

System Requirements For Fetcher:

Online play
Region Free
SD Card Required (2 GB or more)
Internet Required
Hard Disk Space Required: 50 MB
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