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Enter a big, expansive world built for world Slot Gacor conquest. Most of the lands within the game have been overrun by mouse hordes. Only the hero stands in the way of them…

Fortified Swiss Demo

Fortified Swiss

About this game


Fortified Swiss is an immersive RPG tower defense experience featuring a grand campaign that spans across the continent of Fromage. Vast hordes of mice have invaded due to the Mouse King’s insatiable desire to hoard the most artisan of cheeses. It is up to the hero Castello to ward off these ravenous clans from eating and ransacking forts and castles throughout the kingdom’s provinces of Swissfurt, Goudare, Parmingham, Cheddardale, and Goatwick.

Fortified Swiss plays like a tower defense with RPG and RTS influences. It is up to the hero to construct fortifications and recruit workers. When night falls the hero is a powerful tool that can turn the tide of battle. A seasoned hero will fare better in battle, as leveling up grants bonuses to health.

Alongside leveling up, Fortified Swiss has a tiered crafting system. As players reach more difficult levels they will notice they are also able to craft more powerful weapons and armor. Gearing up for the fight to come is a key component of Fortified Swiss. Every item crafted and level earned is saved. This gives players the opportunity to replay levels just to craft a full set of armor before proceeding to the next level.

This demo version of the game is free, and requires Microsoft Windows, and a minimum of 2 GB of RAM


We currently have plans to release the first game, Fortified Swiss in the summer of 2016. With a full campaign, many more maps and units, and a third playable character, players will be able to go head to head with the mice in this tower defense masterpiece. The sequel will be a ton of fun



This video from the Kickstarter is the same as the above picture.

Key features

Play as a mouse, talk with your minions, and get to know them better.Q:

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Features Key:

  • Chess AI with hidden complexity
  • Different units, fortifications, and game scales
  • Optional scenarios


Fortified Swiss Crack + Latest

Fortified Swiss Product Key is an intense real-time-RPG-tower-defense hybrid with an emphasis on strategic design. With procedurally generated levels, a highly-tactical tactical battle system, and a narrative-driven story, Fortified Swiss Download With Full Crack offers rich RPG gameplay that will test your ability to strategize.
What’s included in Fortified Swiss:
Fortified Swiss comes packed with an extensive plot, several playable heroes and a robust crafting system.
Single-player Co-op:
Fortified Swiss has been designed to be played with friends. This mode is a cooperative version of the game. Local players will work together to fend off the invaders.
The Heroes:
Fortified Swiss features five distinct playable characters, each with their own backstory and skill trees. Each has distinct weapons and abilities that will progress the storyline and give you a distinct play style.
Tower Defense Gameplay:
Tower defense is a genre that has been around for decades. Tower defense was popularized by the iOS game Tower Defence : The Game. Fortified Swiss takes the classic concept and blends it with the popular real-time-RPG-tower-defense hybrid genre.
Saving & Replaying:
Fortified Swiss is a procedurally generated world where almost every aspect can be saved. Each level save is saved as a snapshot and you can reload these at any time. When you’re ready to start a new adventure, you can load a previously saved game.


There are two different types of “RPG” games. The latter was the most popular type in the West before World of Warcraft and Fallout started dominating sales, so I’ll talk about it first.
First, you need to define what you mean by “RPG.” The genre varies quite a bit based on exactly how the “RPG” is defined. I’ll take “Role-Playing Game” as my definition here, since RPG means “a role-playing game” in the context of this question.
We have the “role-playing game.” This was the most common type of RPG, and many of these are in fact “Tower Defense Games.” There is a bit more to an RPG than just having a character and being able to attack and defend. This was the type of game that most people were familiar with, which is why people called it an “RPG.”
However, there is also the “RPG-Like” genre. This is where things start to get a little funky. Many of these


Fortified Swiss Crack + Free X64

The main gameplay loop revolves around saving fortresses from being eaten or destroyed by hordes of mice. Instead of jumping between levels a player creates a fortress and gets to choose what level they want to go to. From each new level, the hero must battle enemy soldiers, loot chests, and purchase new armor and weapons to proceed. Each fort also requires repair costs after being attacked. As players progress, they will have the opportunity to reach difficult areas. These areas will require a stronger hero and more equipment to succeed. When night falls players are invincible, they can use their abilities to fend off the enemy forces. Once a fortress has been defeated, it disappears until the next level. When the enemy is eating all the other fortresses the hero must focus all his attention on one.

Synthetic Life:
The hero has five different special skills that can be used to destroy enemy soldiers. Each skill uses a weapon as its base. These weapons come in all shapes and sizes and the hero can pick from different weapon types to complete their combo. As players earn more levels they unlock new equipment pieces that can help them craft their own weapons. Every piece of equipment also has its own special abilities that can help or hinder the player. Synthetic Life offers a 100% autoplay where you can get started. For the rest of the game you can interact with the world to equip your hero with the weapons, armor and tools that help them survive.

Fortified Swiss: The Campaign:
Throughout the campaign the player must battle through various provinces to save the four different provinces from being eaten. Each province is a unique environment where different challenges must be overcome. There are many enemies to be fought including catapults, mousetraps, different sized mouse troops, and the dreaded Catmob! Every province has four different battles to fight and after each battle the player gets to restock their supplies. As players proceed through the campaign they will level up and unlock new equipment.

Fortified Swiss: Artifacts and Secrets:
Fortified Swiss gives players the ability to craft and modify gear. Artifacts can improve a player’s abilities, such as a drone which can save lives. Other artifacts can make the gear more powerful. When an artifact is crafted players will be notified and will see how much the artifact will help. Players are able to create their own gear to set their hero’s skills to the max. Artifacts are crafted from the daily supply of rations. Players can choose to craft various gear items including potions, health packs



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How To Crack Fortified Swiss:

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Intro to the Original Concept of Fortified Swiss
  • Fortified Swiss Top Scoring Videos:

System Requirements For Fortified Swiss:

Memory: 2 GB RAM
4 GB free space on your disk
Graphics Card: Microsoft DirectX 9.0 Compatible graphics card or higher
Operating System: Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7
What’s in the game:
10 unique locations, with tons of unique gameplay challenges!
A unique, varied and complex gameplay system, perfect for action-adventure game players and action RPG game fans!
Full 3D scenes, rich graphics and high resolution.
Loads of destructible objects, huge crowds and NPCs.


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