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Foxit Advanced Pdf Editor 310 Serial 322

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Editor Windows XP

Smart Search


Nice log file tool which can be used to find any information about any file. Visually search any file or folder, like the free options available in windows explorer.

Also the code can be compiled and distributed as a portable freeware. Furthermore the program is very fast to search and decompress files.

Because of the functionalities inlcuded is is worth to mention that it is also very easy to use.

All functionality is implemented as simple user interface for configuration and e.g. to search for a specific file.

more info:

File properties are displayed for each file, with which the user can easily handle the file.

The program can save the result of the search as a log file which is named according to the name of the file and the result. You can also save log in file format sqlite, txt or mdb. After saving the files can be opened with a text editor. The logs are without format and can be fed in a database in no time.Ridge Hill, South Australia

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