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// Project developers. See the top-level LICENSE file for dates and other
// details. No copyright assignment is required to contribute to VisIt.

// ****************************************************************************
// File: avtSimpleVectorAttributesCache.h
// ****************************************************************************



// ****************************************************************************
// avtSimpleVectorAttributesCache.C
// ****************************************************************************


class avtSimpleVectorAttributesCache : public virtual avtSimpleVectorAttributes
avtSimpleVectorAttributesCache() : avtSimpleVectorAttributes(0,0) {}
avtSimpleVectorAttributesCache(vtkDataSet *inDS)
: avtSimpleVectorAttributes(inDS) {}
avtSimpleVectorAttributesCache(const avtSimpleVectorAttributesCache &)
: avtSimpleVectorAttributes(0,0) {}
avtSimpleVectorAttributesCache &operator=(const avtSimpleVectorAttributesCache &) {
return *this;

// virtual ~avtSimpleVectorAttributesCache();

avtSimpleVectorAttributes *Copy() const
return new avtSimpleVectorAttributesCache(*this);
void Copy(const avtSimpleVectorAttributes &) const

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