Panda Simulator VR is a highly interactive role playing game for virtual reality experience at home. You can put on the glasses of virtual reality and escape to a mysterious pandas’ life. You can immerse yourself in deep immersion virtual experience at home. It is a great interactive drama that allows you to go to a unique and funny adventure with cute pandas.
The main idea of this game is to create an interactive role playing game. We will develop it into realistic experience like you interacting with pandas in a real bamboo forest.
• You need to wear virtual reality headset to enjoy this experience.
• You need to have a high-end virtual reality system at home
• You need to have a laptop with a virtual reality headset software.
• You need to play this game with a HMD (head mounted display) and the headphones to enjoy the interaction.

This is a virtual reality for children(under 12 years old).You can join the virtual reality experience in 360 degrees with virtual reality headset.
It’s a fun little game that we want to introduce it to all children.
>Story>It is a virtual reality that you can enjoy from any angle in a land…,You can experience the life of panda.
◆ The virtual reality experience can be realized from any angle
◆ Single-player and multiplayer mode
◆ View from the camera of virtual reality headset
◆ View from any angle by changing screen orientation
◆ It is a heart-shaped pattern for children
◆ It is a free game
◆ Easy operation and simple controls
◆ Good for kids
◆ It is a perfect game for children

Please be aware of the following

Virtual reality is a technology that feels completely real.



Features Key:

  • gravity
    add gravity to blocks
  • menu
    hide the popup menu
  • memory
    store debug code
  • keyboard
    static key input
  • Благодаря!


    Данная версия относительно актуальна
    и не теряет универсальности, обновляйте состояние движка версиями (с помощью Git).

    Еще кое-что

    • Статический AutoRePatch для разработки
    • Вход и выход пользователей из компонентов известно (приведены в примере)
    • Событие keydown позволяет работать с клавиатурой


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    HiPanda Torrent Download is an upcoming VR game created by Wangyi, especially for pandas. HiPanda has high fidelity, experiential style, and thematic theme. Players can interact with pandas in the way they want to. Players can touch pandas in real time. They can feed them bamboo, live bamboo, bamboo leaves, nuts, bamboo buds, bamboo fruits. They can nuzzle, tickle the pandas’ ears, neck, and belly. For players, HiPanda is like a joyous world. For pandas, HiPanda is a new life.
    About Wangyi
    Wangyi is one of leading VR game developers for VR application. Wangyi has launched many VR games. Its primary products include The Sunshine Wall, Miao Kun and HiPanda. The Sunshine Wall is the VR world simulation for pandas. Miao Kun is the VR game for miao (Prairie dogs), while HiPanda is the VR game for pandas. The Sunshine Wall, Miao Kun and HiPanda are popular among VR users.
    About Wangyi Inc.
    Wangyi Inc. is a company focused on developing VR games. Its first title is “The Sunshine Wall,” which was first released in 2018. It is the VR world simulation for pandas. “The Sunshine Wall” has over 1 million downloads. Wangyi’s other main products include Miao Kun, which is the VR game for miao (Prairie dogs), and HiPanda, which is the VR game for pandas.
    November 25, 2018

    Hearing different languages makes everything more enjoyable. So, what is the meaning of “listening”? In the virtual reality application, we can hear and use different languages and accents to interact with our speakers in a more loving and intimate way. So it is called “Auditory-Visible.” Chinese, English and Japanese are the three most common native languages. To further improve hearing, the application is fully available with more languages. It includes 7 languages:








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    HiPanda [Mac/Win]

    Hey Panda! Welcome to the forest! Let’s have a walk in the forest together!As you walk, watch for cute pandas and other bamboo animals. You can touch them, feed them, and even catch them! Is there something you’d like to catch? This funny Panda is up for the task!

    As you play with pandas, you’ll get achievements and show off to your friends on Facebook and Youtube. Compete with your friends by accumulating points and trophies.

    What’s New in this Version:v1.0.2

    – Several fixes


    INTERNET: Needed to sync the achievements.

    READ_PHONE_STATE: Needed to send to facebook on the player achievement.

    READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Needed to send to facebook on the player achievement.

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    How To Crack HiPanda:

    • Extract with Winrar /7zip
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    System Requirements:

    Requires Windows 7
    Requires an Intel or AMD CPU
    Requires an NVIDIA graphics card with 2 GB of VRAM
    Requires an AMD graphics card with 4 GB of VRAM
    Requires at least 3 GB of free HDD space
    Requires an NVIDIA graphics card with 4 GB of VRAM
    Requires an AMD graphics card with 8 GB of VRAM
    Requires at least 6 GB of free HDD space
    Note: Some games require DirectX 9.


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