Cydia is a website where users are allowed to have apps downloaded from the Apple Store and sideloaded on their iPhone or iPad devices. For a fee, you can go directly to the iOS app store, search for apps in the top free and paid categories, and download them directly without any restrictions. All free software downloads are signed, so you should only install the apps you are absolutely sure you want to install on your device.

Directly from their site, you can download a variety of apps for your desktop and mobile devices such as Android, iOS, PC, Mac, and even Smart TVs. These apps come in over 100 categories such as Games, Entertainment, Productivity, Utilities, Music, and more.

In the category of iOS applications, you can download over 30,000 apps. Among them, we recommend you try TestFlight. It is a free program that allows you to test iOS apps before they are published on the App Store. You can download apps from developers and private testers you have subscribed to. In addition, you can install apps you have gotten via email.

If you cannot afford any of these programs but still want to do so, you can download the apps from other sources. This way, you will only have to be vigilant enough to install these on your iOS device.

If you cant afford any of the programs on their site, you can simply download the apps as mentioned in the previous paragraph. The advantage of downloading them from other sources is that you will be able to see the security rating before you download the programs. Also, you can go to the App Store and see if a program is available in your country.


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