Limewire doesn’t download any type of software, but rather lets you search through its catalog of other users’ torrent files. Downloading torrents is similar to torrenting, except that instead of seeding your own torrent, you grab files from other people’s torrents. Limewire works best for those of you just getting started and still looking for a way to share media or software with your friends.

Koush’s website is a place for everything and anything related to hacking. On this site, you can find obscure and interesting software or games, as well as tutorials to assist you in your hacking. If you are a newcomer to hacking, Koush recommends , which is a free online service that will test whether your Windows password is weak by running dictionary, brute force, and automatic login attempts against your logins.

DownloadMe! bills itself as a “completely free program store.” The site is home to an assortment of cracked software that people share or offer as downloads, including games, audio, and more. DownloadMe! doesn’t limit the software on its site as long as it follows its copyright licensing.

Download every game from this website and you’ll find it takes you through a series of screenshots. Game images are usually culled from the game’s settings or trailer screens. The website also allows you to remove the game when you’ve finished.

The download is available for only a few hours and will be removed. You will be redirected to the page where you can choose to either get the WinAppUnlockPro software or the WinAppUnlockPro key to unlock any of the WinAppUnlockPro applications. Select whichever suits you best. Both options offer the same features so you can pick the one that is convenient for you.


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