This is one of the best websites on the internet if you are looking for cracked versions. Also its the first crack site I have found. They have thousands of cracked programs available for PC and the biggest plus is they only use viruses free cracked versions.

This site seems to have the most decent selection of cracked apps and games of any of the sites I have seen. The updates are always reliable and they seem to be the only ones that provide the files in a highly compressed format.

Rarbg is a newer site and the number of uploaded torrents is very small. Updated slowly . They dont upload games to day, just upload stuff that is relevant to them. It is actually a good repo of c’est t, but you need to know which c’est youll need and put it into the search window.

This website really creates an impression with its flashy layout. It has tons of games but you cant download them from this website without you own a separate account. But it has an amazing selection of games, so it’s definitely worth considering.

Torrent site are a good way to get all the games you want. You get them free from the site and is usually a good collection of games. The downside is that torrents take a long time to download and can be viewed by your ISP.

It is the best place to download free games torrents. There are tons of games on this site, most of which are uploaded by their own community. The site’s download speed are good, but download times are long.

Retr0gamers is still arguably one of the best sites for torrents around. They are based in the UK. There is a good number of games, and always updated. Its a good place to find all the latest PC Games.


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