Thanks for sharing some great information! Well, this list of top free video sites for watching and downloading movies is a great choice. Weve put a great deal of work into this list of the best free video sites. Weve tried to make it as thorough as possible, while also making it as accessible as possible.

I think youre right, but I wouldnt be so quick to delete this one. I think there are few websites like this available. What I like about such sites is that they avoid the hassle of registration, which I really dont have time for. Just download and go, thats it. When I try to download some software from other websites, I always end up having to fill in a lot of forms, and I dont like to waste time on that! This is what makes it awesome to use DuckDuckGo , because it doesnt ask you any personal details. It just gets your search done and lets you download.

Some popular greenlight games include Monopoly, The Lego Movie, The Room, Dead Space, and Call of Duty 4. Otherwise, if we’re talking movies, this list doesn’t mean much. Hollywood likes to hide its biggest movies on torrent sites because theyre afraid youd see them in cinemas. Most of these are download-only. Example: Inglourious Basterds has six torrents, but only one is greenlit.

The download mirrors are hosted at a dedicated server (in this case, US), which provides a very quick download speeds. All you have to do is download and save the torrent, and you can begin the download process immediately. In addition to this, there are no ads or banners. If we took the time to go through these sites on a daily basis, they would be inundated with downloads, which would do little to make money. Thus, these sites don’t make nearly as much money as the ones at the top of this list.


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