How To Sniff Passwords From The Devices On Same WiFi Network ! [Guide]


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How To Sniff Passwords From The Devices On Same WiFi Network ! [Guide]

this attack can work on any network that has wireless devices connected, even if they are on a completely private network and the hacker has access to the router or the device. a hacker could also use this method to connect to the router or the device and overhear the conversation of other people in the house to find out what is going on. when people are talking to each other over their phones, it is easy for an attacker to send to the phone of one of them a special kind of an sms message. this message is a trojan that will silently install a program on the phone, which allows the hacker to get access to the device and use it as a listening post.

if the target device connects again, you could analyze the packets again and see if the password changed, to see if its the same. if you have not configured your own wifi network, you have to configure the sniffer’s network first.

you need to configure your sniffer’s wireless network setting and password if you’re managing this wifi network by yourself. open the sniffer from the menu bar and set the setup. wait for a new device to connect, and, select the tbl id which would be the eapol packets which will be sent by the target device to the targeted network. if the sniffer successfully decrypted these packets, you are getting the new psk which is in the target device.

now that you have captured the traffic, set the proper filter, decrypt the captured packets, and search for the passwords to the network. set the filter to:

  • ethernet (not wi-fi)

  • eapol decryption (not wep)

  • tcp

furthermore, an attacker will need to be on the same network with the target. if the target is on the same open wi-fi network, the hacker can turn off its wi-fi, monitor it, and follow the victim’s wi-fi activity using wireshark. this attack assumes the hacker was not previously on the same network as the victim. otherwise, an attacker could have monitored the traffic to the targeted wi-fi network and saved the password before switching wi-fi networks.
to stage this attack, the hacker must monitor the victim’s network. the attacker knows the victim’s personal details such as name, date of birth, what time it is, what country she’s in, and where she’s going. he also knows the personal details of the legitimate wi-fi network that the victim’s device should connect to. the hacker can sniff its network traffic on this network and collect the victim’s sensitive data.
since the hacker knows all the information about the victim he can monitor their activity. if the victim is going to a different country from when she set up the wi-fi network, the hacker can simply choose not to monitor that connection or choose to snoop on just a fraction of it. it may even be possible to avoid bringing up wireshark and decrypting wi-fi packets. the hacker can put it into a mode that lets him keep a tab on what the victim is doing by recording the mac address of their equipment and see what else is in the vicinity. the hacker can use this information to target the device later. he can set the router or computer to record the mac address so he knows what equipment is on the targeted wi-fi network.

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