The scenarios included in this pack were produced by noted scenario author Gary Dolzall. Gary is well known for his leadership in the scenario community, he is a four-time winner of the SCA Annual Scenario Contest and runner-up in the All-Newton Scenario Contest in 2015 and 2016.
Gary Dolzall
Gary Dolzall graduated from Pennsylvania State University in 1980 with a degree in Electrical Engineering. After graduation, he worked for many years as a field systems engineer where he designed and built computer hardware and software solutions for clients in all areas of electronic communications. In 1990 he joined a software company and worked as a technical writer and graphic designer. In 2013 he began producing scenarios for TrainSimulator. He is an active member in many of the leading scenario communities.
About Gary Dolzall:
Gary Dolzall is a well known and highly-respected scenario writer and scenario designer. He has produced more than 40 career and lifestyle scenarios for TrainSimulator, including titles such as the following:
Playbook: Madison Square Garden – Live NY Rangers hockey
Emuseum: Museum of National Railway
Origins: California’s Golden Trains – The Central Pacific
Origins: The Golden Era of Amtrak
Origins: The Great Northwest Railway
Origins: The Great Yellowstone Express
Origins: Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad
Origins: The Sacramento Northern & The Colorado & Southern
Origins: Sierra Stars & Southern Sierra Express
Origins: Sunshine Express
Origins: UMPI’s New York & New England
Origins: UMPI’s Staten Island
Origins: UMPI’s Southern Tier
Origins: West to Alaska for Amtrak
Yancey Special
West from Cheyenne, Part 1
West from Cheyenne, Part 2
Southern Pacific’s West from Donner Pass
Scenario Author: Gary Dolzall
Scenario Designer: Gary Dolzall
Product Artwork: Gary Dolzall
About TrainSimulator:
TrainSimulator is a leading developer of railroad-simulation video games. Founded in 2008, the company is headquartered in New Berlin, WI. TrainSimulator publishes, develops, and markets its products for iOS, Android, and Mac platforms. For more information, visit:

What strategy did Prof. X plan to attack the secret agent?

In a training exercise for students, Prof


ǐ球少女 Soundtrack Features Key:

  • Explore vast uninhabited islands by foot, scooter, catapult and more, simply with a click of a button
  • Skill-based mission system with various challenges waiting for you
  • A detailed and intuitive inventory system
  • Puzzles like no other, awaiting your ingenuity
  • Veteran game designer Dave Pottinger handling the art and animation
  • Moo’s Game Review

    Isaac the Adventurer is a really nice little 3D platformer, with nice
    art, nice gameplay and a really good soundtrack. The intro demo lets
    you play through some tutorial levels. From there you embark on
    your, well, adventures. There are nine (nine!) islands and each has
    its own theme. They need to be explored and as you do so you unlock
    upgrades for your character. The physics are good, but there are
    some objects on the ground which are impossible to jump over. It has
    a very nice sense of depth, and the main island (No Place) is very
    large and well made.

    There are three modes you can play through. Make sure you go for
    the chests in them as they contain goodies! There are 144 different
    items available here and over another 900 when you have completed
    several islands. You can also buy better items at the shop. The
    inventory is a breeze to use and the upgrade tree is well-explained.
    The combat is just a bit easy, that’s what the game was designed for.

    Isaac is a nice little game. It has that ‘alien’ feel about it and is
    easy to get into, but tough to master and very fun. It’s perfectly
    playable on both Desktop and Mobile. There are no invisible walls or
    anything like that. The graphics are nice and the game mechanics easy
    to master. It runs quite nice on my Mini. The $9.99 version includes
    a ‘No Place’ album, but I got the two-game key for the full game
    price. The console-esque soundtrack is sweetly done.

    Moo’s two main gripes: only four levels and no multiplayer.

    One of the best indie games I have played all year.


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    Medaman is a hero that can fight in the underworld.
    He is full of heroism and justice..
    He could become the Dark Force if he’s not careful.
    The game is where you will play as Medaman.
    You fight with his powerful kicks and punches to fight off the enemies!
    Dodge while shooting or evade to counter attack, and defeat as many enemies as you can!
    Medaman uses his futuristic weapon that can create a weakly-anchored parachute that will allow him to float in the air.
    He can dash at his enemies while using this.
    Add slashing to his kick attack to deal more damage.
    Use his shurikens to hit his enemies with an explosive hitbox.
    In this game, you can play through two main game modes, Story Mode and Single Player Mode.
    Story Mode:
    The story of Medaman starts in his childhood.
    While Medaman’s father was experiencing a fight with the Demon King, the Demon King killed his father.
    At the same time, the Demon King took away Medaman’s soul and transformed him into a symbol of darkness.
    Wear the mask of the Dark Force and fight the Demon King.
    *Single Player Mode:
    In the Single Player mode, you can fight off in order to collect the energy of the world.
    You have to defeat the enemies along the way and collect the power that they drop.
    The energy will help you to fight the demons more powerfully.
    In addition, you can fight against your shadow of darkness.
    Your Shadow also has a number of power and abilities.
    In the strategy section, you can get some hints from what I do.
    Make use of shortcuts as much as possible!
    When you have an opening, take advantage of it and make your way!
    It’s much faster to dodge than to fight!
    Never underestimate the power of bombs!
    You can throw grenades that explode and deal damage to the enemies.
    When getting shot, you can perform a rapid shot that will slow the enemy down and deal damage to them.
    Finally, in the movement section, there are a number of characters you can play as.
    This game allows you to change your character in order to enjoy the game the way you want to!
    Let’s get started!
    Get out and fight!
    “Medaman is the one who will end the Demon King.
    All of the world will be in peace.


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    • Discover the Chauvet Cave and its artistic secrets.
    • Immerse yourself in the cave at the home of the paintings and hear the whispers of the silent lines that read: ”I was here”.
    • Artwork, lights, torches, and characters bring the paintings alive.
    • Touch the walls to discover the humans that made these cave paintings.
    • Like “Da Vinci Codes”, you will discover the lost secrets of the Chauvet Cave in a 3D immersive experience.
    • The game is voiced over by French pop star Lorie, and filmed entirely in the Chauvet Cave.
    He Who Comes After (“Peche de Peche”) by Lorie

    Chauvet Caverns
    35600 Chauvet

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    What’s new:

    The Lost Marble is a 1913 American silent film comedic play written by William A. Brady and John W. Kern. They also directed the film, which stars Dustin Farnum and Marjorie Fair. The Lost Marble was the first film produced by the Fine Arts Film Company in Brooklyn, New York. It is about a boy who applies to work at the marble-cutting factory, believing he is too young to work, but learns that he was turned down because he is too young. The boy then pretends to be older and gets a job. In the story, a little boy watches his father, who is working in the factory, be crushed by a wheel.

    A Chicago Tribune critic gave The Lost Marble a positive review. The film was distributed widely, including a cinematic roadshow. It later gained renewed popularity as a film that was available for free in libraries during the 1920s.

    A little boy named Nick (Dustin Farnum) wants to work in a marble factory. His stepmother believes he is too young, but he informs her that he is eight years old. When he is informed that he is too young to work, he jumps into a huge pile of freshly cut marble, breaking the surface and ripping open his coat and arms. The foreman of the company comes in and finds the damaged “cut” and tells Nick that he will have to work one week, cutting 80 tons of marble before he can be eligible to work in the future. Nick pretends to be over the age of 18, has his affidavit certified, and is hired. His stepmother eventually finds out and threatens Nick with being thrown out of the house. When the foreman takes Nick to the mayor’s office, he is happy to see Nick and knows it is a bust when Nick reveals that he is only eight years old.

    Dustin Farnum as Nick. He is the boy who ends up getting a job at the factory.
    Marjorie Fair as Mrs. Jack King, a worker at the marble factory, who believes her son was too small to work, but learns the truth about the child from the foreman.
    Jay Hunt as Superintendent Alexander Cunningham, the company foreman. He performs a job required of every employee.
    Phillip Ohle as Mayor Lester. He signs a permit to allow the employment of the boy.
    Fred Darley as Mr. King. He is Nick’s stepfather. Mrs. King is his wife.
    Archie Purvis as Gray. He is


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    Today the world is different, and it is your responsibility to change it back.
    Though the gods were kind to mankind, they left us without a protector in time of need. Hades, the King of the Underworld, was triumphant and now threatens the world with extinction.
    Time to step up and take down Hades once and for all.
    The only person who can defeat Hades is the Lord of the Underworld himself. For that reason, you must seek the help of some of your favorite Greek gods to locate him. With their assistance, you will be able to capture or rescue your opponents and return them to the Lord of the Underworld.
    Use your magical staff to strike down enemies and utilize the alchemical properties of each god to solve the riddle of the ancient tablets.
    A new god has appeared: Zeus!
    The support of Zeus will help you defeat Hades more easily and grant you the power to heal the poisoned land.
    You must improve your team to conquer all of the gods’ trials, capturing the four keys needed to win and bring down Hades.
    The world is waiting for you.
    Are you prepared to put on your winged sandals and soar to Olympus, the City of the Gods?
    Please note that this game supports the following languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Czech, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish, Hungarian, Croatian and Greek.
    More information about this game can be found on Facebook at
    Connect with us:
    Official Website:
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    The clip was shared on Facebook on Wednesday evening, showing a woman in distress clutching her chest and screaming for help.

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    Crisis: The video, which was shared on Facebook on Wednesday evening, shows a woman gasping for air on a hotel bed

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