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   The program includes all of the functionality of the sample program, which was included in earlier versions of SPSS, and a number of new options and enhancements. v1. 2. Introduction This release of SPSS includes support for Linux operating systems, and has had a number of enhancements since its release earlier this year. Instructions on how to install and use SPSS on these platforms can be found here: The following brief introduction contains selected updates to SPSS on Windows and some new features introduced in this version, including the following sections:   
2. Sample Program, PLUGIN, Add-In Facility, and Device Support
3.    TABLES  
The following sections provide a brief introduction to the components of this release, including:
The sample program This includes instructions on how to start the SPSS program, as well as how to use the windows, data, format, procedures, and statistics menus.
PLUGIN permits the user to automate data display and SPSS launch. PLUGIN includes a menu of SPSS options that can be launched at any time without restarting SPSS. PLUGIN has a greatly improved user interface. PLUGIN adds the capability for users to develop their own PLUGINs.
Table Editor, Chapter 2
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Statistics Device
Statistics device allows you to use the new feature of SPSS to run SPSS from an executable file (.EXE) rather than in the Windows context. This allows you to use SPSS as an embedded application, running the program from a file without need to install SPSS on your system. Statistics device includes a set of sample programs and will automatically add sample data when used with IBM SPSS Statistics v24.0 or later. These include the SNPTEST, CHID, BARRET, PREDCOR, and RATIO data generation programs as well as the SCAN.EXE program.
4. Package Manage, Direct Printing, and Installer
Package Manage is the
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