Windows Explorer comes with numerous options to sort your files and view the ones that were modified lately. Even so, there might be occasions when you need additional filters to reduce the number of matching items. That is where the Inspect Recently Created or Modified Files application comes in, providing a quick and easy method of viewing a list of modified files after a specific date.
View files modified lately in a selected folder 
There is no need to install the application, and the main interface is displayed as soon as you double-click on the executable file in the archive. First, you must go through the filters to apply in order to get the best results.
Select the folder that you want to analyze by clicking on the directory icon. You can then choose whether to retrieve files that were created or modified and, further on, choose the date that should be used as a starting point.
The application can expand its search to subfolders in the main location, but this option is not mandatory. Needless to say, in a folder with a very large number of files, not choosing to include subfolders in the analysis results in a faster search.
All the matching results are neatly displayed in an organized table where you can see the time a file was opened and its name, alongside its size and its unique SHA-256 hash code. The offset in both hex and char is also shown. 
Forensics tool to view created and modified files 
An application such as Inspect Recently Created or Modified Files enables you to inspect files that were created or modified in a given location during a recent time period. Adding more options to select the desired time interval would be the next step to take, perhaps with a future release.


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Inspect Recently Created Or Modified Files Free Download [April-2022]

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Inspect Recently Created Or Modified Files

Available on: Windows
Size: 1.35 MB


Inspired by @Mykola Chernyashev comments I wrote a very simple Bash script which was tested on my laptop (MacOS Catalina – 10.15.2) and seems to be working.
File name – in Bash. Reads last modified file in folder. – in Bash. Reads file created since last modified file in folder.

#!/usr/bin/env bash

# Get file from right-clicked folder (copied & renamed)

# Get file name
file=$(echo “${folders[${#folders[@]}]}/$f” | grep -F “$file” -o | awk ‘{print $2}’ | xargs);

# Get file size
size=$(stat -c ‘%s’ “$file”);
size=$(bc -l

Inspect Recently Created Or Modified Files License Code & Keygen [Win/Mac] [Updated] 2022

The application is an open source program that can be used to view created or modified files in a folder based on the dates that you specify.

The list of items can be sorted according to the modification date, the creation date, or by size. The list can be sorted on many levels, such as on the columns of the table, or even in columns arranged alphabetically and by the size of each file.

The time range that is used in the program can be a parameter or a fixed value. By selecting the days, weeks, or months that you would like to analyze, you can see all the folders that were created or modified during the period that you selected.

The software provides a convenient and logical structure and the list of files can be sorted by many parameters to simplify the workload, even if the entire folder content needs to be analyzed. It does not matter if you use the tool to just view recently modified or created files, but if you need to compare several folders or sources of information, with Inspect Recently Created or Modified Files, it is easy to find what you need.

All the options are explained when you launch the program, which makes it possible to adjust them in a few clicks.

If you are working on a Windows computer and you want to see what folders were created or modified in the last week, for example, then you would need to launch the program in the following way:

Click on the installation file on your computer.
You can click on the context menu on the executable file and select the option to Run as Administrator.
Copy the location of the files that you want to analyze and paste it in the Open File dialog window.
The program will retrieve all the files that were created or modified during the last week.
It is possible to modify the time interval and select the folders that have to be analyzed, including their subfolders.

The program can even display the size of the files, their type, their modified date, and their SHA-256 hash code.

The results are displayed in a clean and organized table, and you can sort it on various levels. The file names are shown along with their size and their SHA-256 hash code, and you can choose to sort them by the size of the files or alphabetically. The date on which the files were created or modified is also displayed in the list.

The application is available for Windows 10 versions of all editions including the Enterprise and Education, therefore you do not need

What’s New in the Inspect Recently Created Or Modified Files?

Three new entries will show a list of files that were created or modified within the selected folder in the given time period. The application is also available in the form of an executable archive, which enables you to open it and view the application UI without needing to install it on your PC.
Even if the search resulted in little results, it is worth the effort to install such a forensics tool, and it is nice to know that you can access it even from other computers or even from your mobile phone.

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