Itoosoft Forest Pack Pro V402352 Torrent ##VERIFIED##

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Itoosoft Forest Pack Pro V402352 Torrent

this is a small plugin library for 3ds max and 3ds max design from toosoft. it is a great way to add as much 3d vegetation as you like in just a few minutes. it includes a wide variety of plants including 100 realistic trees, 50 realistic shrubs, 35 realistic grasses, 30 realistic flowers, 30 realistic ground cover plants, 30 realistic ground cover plants, and 50 plants with realistic patterns. forest pack is highly customizable with the ability to add your own custom plant libraries. create you own trees, bushes, and flowers and put them right into your scenes. as a token of our appreciation of our users’ support, forest pack is now free! to enjoy the free version, you only need to purchase the license to edit the libraries. forest pack pro is available in two versions: standard and pro. for more details on supported 3d formats and renderers please view the tab supported formats below.

forest pack pro is a complete 3d vegetation plugin library that includes 4 different vegetation and plant types. the library also includes 3dscatter, a complete 3d vegetation library for 3ds max and 3ds max design. the library features a multitude of realistic tree, shrub, grass, and flower models as well as many more. in addition, 3dscatter includes the ability to set up a wide variety of scattering materials and filters and includes many free samples for you to experiment with. lastly, 3dscatter includes many custom libraries that you can add to your scenes. creating your own libraries is easy and allows you to easily customize your textures to match your scenes. forest pack pro also features a comprehensive documentation section for all of your research. finally, if you are looking to take your landscape creation to the next level, forest pack pro includes the ability to create your own custom models and textures.

the first thing you need is a reference image of a big forest. it can be a photo, but you can also take a forest shot in your video editor. in this case it is better to have a photo in which you can see the trees and keep the area in the same aspect ratio as the final rendered scene. this will make it easier to get the right angle and lighting. the photo can be imported as a reference image or assigned to the camera as a layer.
after importing the image, you can start working on the tree distribution. you can use the standard tools to create the trees but with a cool new option you can create them automatically with a brush. you can use any of the brushes in the brushes tab, but i recommend using the forest pack brush. now the brush will start sampling the reference image to create the distribution. the brush can trace a shape with a layer or a line tool, and it can sample a grid, a path or a spline. if you want to use an object that is not a plane, line or spline, you can assign the object to the brush as a source, and forest pack will automatically add it to the distribution.
we have been in dialogue with laubwerk for quite a while now.the collaboration with our archviz company has grown since the beginning and we are happy to have incorporated the forest pack technology into our archviz toolset. its the perfect way to create dynamic and real forests.
forest pack (product) is a open source plugin for 3ds max and blender (product) that allows you to build, manipulate and render large forests and trees without a particular software license. it is based on the original forest pack plugin for 3ds max and is distributed under the gnu general public license (gpl) version 3.0. forest pack is used by studios to create forests for movies, games and tv shows.

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