Mad Max Fury Road 720p Kickass


Mad Max Fury Road 720p Kickass

the way it blends graphic violence and high level stunts, making everything explode to the point where it becomes a gimmick instead of a break in the continuity of the action is an achievement that is hard to find. watching fury road, i couldnt figure out how anyone in our world could be this functional.

this might seem very obvious, but as a white male, i have to agree that this is a film that deserved to win something, because it shows what a compelling story of a woman can be. if some doubt comes up about that concept because theyve never seen a film with a woman being center stage, im all for including a much larger amount of female characters in your film. the thing is, when you see this film, you see that a male could be in the center of the story and the same can be said for a female. this means that we women get to enjoy watching our stories, without feeling like its a stereotypical portrayal. i think it gives us the power to choose and control our own stories, and that is amazing, because when the film industry doesnt act like it, youre treated like a big piece of meat for the men to consume. thats not cool!

i usually dont care for wide-screen films, but fury road is a much better version than the original. furiosa is not only incredibly badass but can also act; she never whines, or moans, or complains. she just becomes angry and that makes her a force to be reckoned with.

that s it for this week. i ve been drinking a lot of moonshine, which is great for writing mopey fanfic if you ve a problem with sales, but a bad idea for eating. the best way to prevent that is to drink plenty of water, and avoid all vending machines for a month. but that involves getting all the way up to page two, which is probably why i ve been drinking so much. are you following me on twitter, by the way?

i will leave you with this homage to the first time i saw fury road, which came to my life when i was seven-years-old, just after i discovered that bruce willis wasn t in it. my parents were feeding me cupcakes from out of a box of funcakes and my mom was taking off her shoes and putting them on the headboard of my bed. it was a moment, and that moment is the shot of max jumping out of the cab with his rifle, the one where the truck explodes in a fireball behind him. the second impact hits him and knocks him over and i saw the single shot of him falling off his feet, and i knew, because i don t remember the moment, that he was dead, but something about that scene makes me believe that, like a miracle, he should have made it. it s not the optimistic sense of movie belief we expect of children.
if you are new to post-apocalyptic road trip movies you might get some of the terminology off-kilter. there are no zombies. so im not sure what term to use for the abnormal humans in this movie. may i propose that they be called the pop-cult. we saw more of them in mad max: the final wasteland, so i will just say that they are, basically, the modern equivalent of folkloric monsters. the pop-cult lack a unified identity, but they occasionally band together to oppose joe and his cultists.
saying that films like mad max: fury road and the road warrior contain a lot of gender subtext makes me sound like i have a high opinion of feminism. i do. i think that its one of the great force-multipliers of civilization. but, the truth is, some movies are just movies. and if they happen to have something to say about social norms and religious beliefs, thats cool. i also happen to believe that classical hollywood cinema was highly influential in shaping the modern view of masculinity. its the films that entertained my family when i was a boy which have stuck with me the most, and which still make me laugh. and those are mostly comedies, romantic comedies, and action movies. you need to look beyond the movies you watched when you were growing up and think about the kinds of movies that shaped your view of the world, rather than spend all your time talking about the movies that might interest you, if you are a woman.

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