My name is Lord Ghostbones. The Skeleton Prince. No, really, I am. I am the Prince of the Skeletons, and I am deadly. I have killed so many people. I have killed King Dun, King Vord, Queen Vort, Queen Ponni, even soldiers that tried to stop me. Now I’m King of the Graveyard, my city of the dead ruled by me. So what if I’m all alone there, protecting my city and all the dead bodies I own. That all changes when I meet the girl who could be my queen – a girl I never knew existed, living in my city, wearing my clothes, and fighting my battles.


About The Author

Isaiah Davis was born and raised in San Diego, California. His brother and a pair of other cousins also contribute to his creativity. When Isa isn’t working or playing or going to school, he spends his time reading, drawing, and writing stories.

Unlockables and Side Quests: Goats on a Bridge is the newest game from the freaky mind of developer Roamtongue Studio, the team that brought you the critically acclaimed Goats on a Bridge.

The player assumes the role of Lord Ghostbones, a skeleton lord who has been raised from the dead by his evil brother when he was just a boy. After being ressuscitated, Ghostbones had to shed his light white robe and exteriors to hide what he really is. As a skeleton lord, he is weaker than the living and he is not immortal, but instead, he must feed his internal light while wearing the darkness. By awakening the power of the dead, he is given the power of the Dead. Goats on a Bridge: Power Up the Dead is a great game where you can fight in real-time with a range of weapons, including guns, swords, axes, flamethrowers, or explode, and shoot hordes of zombies, vampires, and demons with the power of the dead. Each new level is one you must light up by killing the dead. Goats on a Bridge: Power Up the Dead is best for those who like roguelike games, survival-survival game, paranormal games, macabre games, and shooters.

Unlockables in the game include a sniper rifle, ability to upgrade weapons and armor, and a 10 year long game. To unlock a level, you will need to kill


Features Key:

  • Play the game without internet connection
  • You can save your stats and profile
  • Auto play AI Player
  • User can remove the keyboard
  • User can change the keyboard
  • User can change the player settings
  • User can play in both English and Chinese mode
  • Classic Block Game

    Classic Block Game Key Features:

    • Play without any internet connection
    • You can save your stats and profile
    • Can view offline game statistics
    • Auto play AI Player
    • User can choose the keyboard
    • User can change the keyboard
    • User can choose the player settings

    Tetris-like game

    Tetris-like Game Key Features:

    • Play without any internet connection
    • You can save your stats and profile
    • Auto play AI Player
    • User can remove the keyboard
    • User can change the keyboard
    • User can change the player settings

    Shoot ’em Up

    Shoot ’em Up Key Features:

    • Play without internet connection
    • You can save your stats and profile
    • Auto play AI Player
    • User can remove the keyboard
    • User can change the keyboard
    • User can change the player settings

    Kill ’em All Game

    Kill ’em All Game Key Features:

    • Play without internet


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      The level of detail and attention to the visuals is nothing short of breathtaking.
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      9/10 – Miniclip
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      PLAYSMS is a small, and fast growing, independent games developer located in Porto, Portugal.
      PlaySMS is very proud to have been one of the first developers to adopt the Unity platform, and to have been one of the first to publish the first Xbox Indie game, “Drift” (see more on website).


      About This Game

      Arkanoid R

      Arkanoid R has been fully recreated, but now it uses HD graphics.
      Play as a brave, red ball and destroy all of the bricks and obstacles in your path to get to the escape pods.
      You are the only hope of this hostile planet, and you have only a limited amount of energy. Get as many points as possible before the time runs out.
      Simply tap on the screen to move around the map. There are no buttons on the screen – but that doesn’t mean there is no challenge.

      The idea behind this indie game is to quickly bring the player to the action. There are no menus or loading screens, which makes the gameplay very fluid.
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      Game Features:

      – No multi-touch required, it’s very simple to play!
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      Zombie Frenzy is a continuous game in the genre of survival where we have to use our imagination to describe a realistic zombie survival in the world.
      Its objective is to penetrate the infected city and find all possible resources without being cornered by the enemy.
      On the way and watch out for zombies and other survivors.

      Incrediboy has had multiple major game releases as well as a mobile game published across 3 platforms.
      Incrediboy is the latest game we’re showcasing at E3, and is an action/adventure platformer game. You take control of an almost invincible man as he climbs his way through a variety of dangerous obstacle courses.
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      Platforms: PC, Mobile, Android

      We got an exciting update to offer for you all – For iPad users, come in from the rain this weekend and play a great new game! The Unimog Unleashed is a hack n’ slash adventure that is packed with jumping, looting, puzzles, fun, and even interactive environments! The Unimog Unleashed is out now in the App Store!
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      – Play with friends and compare scores!
      – Play the random “Course Match” mode!
      – Stickers to unlock!
      – Facebook Connect and iCloud to save your stats!
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      – Anishinaabe composer Matias Llewellyn created the soundtrack

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      What’s new:

        _Nobody: ther eis no better way of doing it than protecting the public from wanting to hurt others…

        Somehow i am really believing that the easiest way to desensitize people is to give them more super heroine action.

        yes, although i do feel that women are encouraged to be more aggressive


        Antipins: I usually end up defending the cops much more than the people they’re allegedly helping. That’s just how the system works these days. It’s the last bastion for the strong. I resent the fact that now, if anything, that’s the message. “Stop or you die.” Maybe that’s not fair, but considering the other messages we have, especially for women, that’s what they mean. And I worry that this premise is going to get even worse, now that the “men are to blame” crisis has been over for awhile. I want to make sure we don’t get an over-reaction and make cops even less likeable.

        sex in which a younger man and an older women have sex…I’m not a big fan of that….no offense to those who like them

        That was actually my first thought. Even in today’s climate.

        She can “enjoy” that sort of thing, though. I’ve also seen a lot of young women who are willing to take that sort of thing as well. Funny, that.

        Sex was used to break down gender barriers too. Look at the movie Rebel Without a Cause.

        Psycho: I’m not really sure that can apply so easily. Look at Disney movies and the KMart/Halloween cartoons in the 90s. These are pure propaganda designed to sell toys and do nothing to advance any sort of social agenda in a modern context. Besides, I would argue that the estrangement of sex in the 60s was more complicated than an “interest-based” turn away. The sin that the establishment has a “monopoly” on in the movie-going world, of course, is the Curse Of The Wasp. The Wasp is foreboding, terrifying, fundamentally anti-social. And much more ambivalent.

        Psycho: What concerns me is that consent forms were used to keep teen girls safe, but if we give them access to magical powers that they are unable to understand, I don’t think we are finding out what their roles are going to be in the adult world. I think we are asking for


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        This is a fun game (fun is not synonymous of not hard) which contains nice and simple mechanics.
        It’s easy to learn but difficult to master!
        Technically speaking, it’s a remake of the first chapter of the game, “Lights Orb” if you have the classical MOGA controller, you’ll just have to use “Touch” in your Mac or PC!
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        You have to collect Light Orb!
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        Collect power orbs to get back your time
        every arrow corresponds to a skill :
        – Jump : jump the power orb to go into a square
        – Trapeze : the power orb will rise and fall
        – Split : split into 2 small orbs, to go through a square
        – Blast : throw a projectile in the environment
        – Parachute : move in the air
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        Lights Orb is a really small game, with few mechanics, but with a lot of gameplay!
        Don’t hesitate to give feedback!by Kostas Gavvas

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        Suicide and Bipolar Disorder

        00:00 – 00:06 Thank you for joining me, my name is Dr. Kostas Gavvas and I am a psychiatrist in Chicago.

        00:07 – 00:11 I’ll bet you all feel great, right?

        00:12 – 00:16 I’ll bet you are all asking yourselves questions like:

        00:17 – 00:21 what was the last time I was this happy? what was my last manic phase?

        00:22 – 00:26 Maybe I’m just projecting.

        00:27 – 00:28 this is what I’m doing…

        00:31 – 00:33 this is what I’m doing

        00:34 – 00:36 what am I doing?

        00:53 – 00:58 Anyone who has been in the public can attest to how easy it is to find yourself struggling with something like Bipolar Disorder, particularly if


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      Screenshots:CLEVELAND — Real or imagined? The Cleveland Cavaliers might think so after putting up a 29-point lead on the Detroit Pistons and watching it disappear in a matter of moments.
      Instead of getting a chance to relax and regroup


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