Este juego, el primer juego de plataforma de Smite, toma el pulso de un mundo inusual, igualmente inusual. Revisa los momentos más especiales de verano en la historia de la fábrica “HelloPlay” y los pone en vivo con la serie AnyWay!
Esta serie combina las partes enteras de varios juegos con una serie de desafíos para investigar los caminos divertidos de un mundo más moderno y distinto.
Los nombres más tontos de la historia de lo real son una plaga. Los temas son adolescentes. El ordenador es el rey.
Las últimas noticias:
Smite, la nueva esfera de arena antes de jugar
” ” – El interaccionador de telefonía móvil te recomienda a los jugadores de Smite
“Omg~ Wow, que acontecimiento~~”
” ” – Los niveles de creatividad del juego son altos. El jugador desarrolló un nuevo código de simulación del mundo real”
” ” – “HelloPlay” confió en la gente acerca de su software y su sistema de juego. Mientras que la fábrica “HelloPlay” diseñó y creó una serie de juegos entre los más populares del mundo del juego, la gente participó en su desarrollo de este sistema de juego y el futuro de Juegos de Arena siendo un legado para la fábrica “HelloPlay”.
” ” – “HelloPlay” no hace fuertes reclamaciones a los clientes sobre los juegos. ” ” – “Más tarde los clientes y el equipo de HelloPlay se reunirán para hacer un segundo juego haciendo algo para el mundo del juego, trabajando con la mano de la gente.”
!AnyWay! 2.0.1


Features Key:

  • You can see the number of loops that you win. This feature is very easy to use and allows you to test how many loops you have won.
  • The integrated Graphics card will run on a display of any size. This feature is great if your display is larger that the actual arcade machine display.
  • Mega Pixel Maze Game: You will attempt to get as close as you can to the mark. The closer your answer to the correct answer, the more panels you will win.


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Return to the world of SOUL STORMS in SOUL STORMS 2!
The original SOUL STORMS, now with a new campaign and four all new job classes – each with their own unique skills and vulnerabilities.
Read the in-game manual to see what happens when a goddess becomes the controller of Hell!
Race your way through five different worlds: Ghosts, Demons, Devils, Undines and Aged Gods, to fight and discover your epic fate!
Bring Hell to Earth!
• Order new SOUL STORMS 2 characters by visiting our Blacksmith (deity).
• Use your SOUL to attack, dodge and dash all enemies in your path!
• Play 40 hours of deep combat, with custom hotkeys and spellcraft for each character type.
• Play SOUL STORMS 2 for free!
(For Ouya owners: you can still use your SOUL in SOUL STORMS 2!)
Play Demo
Play Free Demo (for Windows, Mac and Linux)
About Soul Storms:
Soul Storms is a fighting game with a strong focus on gameplay, featuring the unique (breathing) combat system where your SOUL is your life. Your SOUL is the sum of all your stats and skills that you can use to attack your enemies and defend yourself.
The SOUL STORMS free mobile game has gathered tens of millions of downloads on Android and iOS, and we are now the top free fighting game of 2014!
Key Features:
• Winner of multiple game awards, including Best Mobile Game in 2012, 2013 and 2014.
• Beautiful 3D graphics and animations.
• Tons of characters, each with a unique fight style.
• Over 50+ skills (including new skills) for each character.
• 5 Bosses
• Story and Free Boss (the last boss fight), the only Boss in the game that will fight you.
• Mobile and portable play in the palm of your hands.
• Story mode in the palm of your hand.
• Playable online, via Wi-Fi, with up to 8 players in 1v1, 1v4, 2v3, 3v2, 3v3 and 4v4 battles.
• Playable offline, via LAN, with up to 8 players in 3v3 battles.
• Two game modes, Story and Arcade.
• Trophies, Achievements.
• Leaderboards, Google Play Achievements, Google Play Games achievements and “Game Center”


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Neo-Zero is a free-to-play post-apocalyptic, open-world, action game inspired by the 1980s action-adventure, Flashback. It combines a modern visual style with the challenging retro gameplay, action, and control style of games like Metal Slug and Contra. Neo-Zero also features unique missions in which players have to overcome obstacles and challenges to achieve their goals.With Neo-Zero, we wanted to do something new, something fresh. Since we released our first game, Arx Fatalis, on Steam in 2007, we have been creating beautiful, atmospheric, and challenging games on all platforms and in all genres. However, we wanted to go back to our roots, to the origins of games like Doom and Wolfenstein 3D.So we made Neo-Zero – a neo-retro open-world game for PC, console, and mobile. Neo-Zero has a retro-influenced, 1980s aesthetic, with flashing neon lights, animated graphics, retro sounds, and chiptune-style soundtrack.You play as a bandit warrior named The Valkyria, fighting for the Valkyria Empire in a devastated post-apocalyptic world. The game has four settings, with seven different missions in each. It features classic one-on-one or two-on-two combat, hack’n’slash gameplay, and puzzle elements, all in a pixel-art graphics style and in a chiptune soundtrack. Neo-Zero is one of the first games to be released on Steam that uses the FLAC compression format, for a superior experience.Neo-Zero is available for free on the App Store for iPad and iPhone, and on Google Play for Android devices. Look for Neo-Zero on Steam when it launches on September 11.

Full game:

Griefing is getting out of hand!You’ve been collecting gold all day, doing your best to get rich as quickly as you can, but you can’t stop the faggot who keeps bothering you. Don’t worry, this pretty boy can’t last long, he’s so weak!

How long can you keep him out of your head?Fatal Zone is a fast-paced, intense, arcade-style shooter! Use your trusty gun to blast your way to victory, dodging bullets, bouncing off walls, and generally mowing down the fags who want to take you out. Each wave is about two minutes long, so don’t be afraid to go for


What’s new in Mazing:

Experts React to Flawed Film

“Have you ever seen such an abysmal career? It’s unbelievable that they even made this film.” – director Craig Marcus

Following the recent release of Doug Loves Movies, Craig Marcus and Joel Bigalow passionately debated the film, with Joel blasting the film for being full of leaps of logic, whereas Craig was the voice of reason. But can you guess which role he actually ended up winning? Our Comic Experts panel wasn’t so sure, with plenty declaring the film a solid piece of work, and a winner in their eyes, while also having their criticisms about the film.

The Spoiler Factor

Have you ever witnessed a conclusive best-of-three-games series? And if so, how did you feel during it? The best-of-three series between the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers in the 1985 NBA Finals was essentially the greatest sports film ever made, resulting in a finals victory for the team that garnered greater support from the fans and media, with the games themselves becoming almost more important than the actual series. Are you confident in the Doctor’s ability to win this, and your predictions?

The Panel

Doctor Who finally returns for series 10, with big chances for major twists and turns after a number of mysterious events. Some fans are pleased and hopeful, while others are expecting more of the same. BBC America has just released its first trailer for the series, leaving us to a number of questions: What is the series’ premise? Could it be Doctor Who’s dark heart at play?

The first episode contains new director Debbie Isitt. Is this a watershed moment for the new era, and would new direction for Doctor Who be a welcome one?

Joel Bigalow joins us again to react to The Pirate’s Fate. Can the accusations and skepticism be proved wrong, or is there no room for doubt in this film?

What is this Doctor Who Christmas special? Did it live up to the hype, and what would you like to have seen? And what should we be watching for next season? Join us and share your thoughts and reactions in the comments section below!

Are you a fan of this show and always look forward to its episodes? Do you have any questions, thoughts, or want to discuss further? Join the discussion and share your feedback by heading to the forum!

If you don’t use a dropbox account, then you wouldn’t know how to use the dropbox icon. If


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Knock knock… Who’s there? Rott.
Return to the Streets of Rott, where the streets are filled with a horde of rotters, crazy looters, and demented mayors. But now it’s your turn to be the hero of the city! Fight your way to the end of the game. This
is a side-scroller beat-em-up game for all ages, especially for all ages with guns!
-640 X 480 Resolution
-Medium Window View
-HD 720p Full Screen
-Interactive Music
-Remix Mode Makes the Endless Journey Interesting
-Performance Test – Slow performance, High FPS, Decimal Fractions
-Set of 11 Different Attacks Per Character
-Freely Walk, Drive, Fly – Or Drive, Fly – Or Drive, Fly
-3 Characters to Play!
-3 Co-Op Characters, Each With Different Abilities
-3 VEHICLES to Play with
-3 Difficulty Modes Including Easy, Normal, Hard
-Tons of Rott Insane Action – A brawl is a brawl is a brawl
-Brawl Your Way Through the Streets of Rott!
-Colorful Cartoon Character Animation
-POWERUPS that include Pistols, Shotguns, Machine Guns, Explosives, & Shovels!
-Easy, Normal, Hard Difficulty Levels
-Invincibility, as long as you don’t lose the last 3 characters
Amazon Kindle
-Optional Hard
-Random Level Order
-Revision History
-Stick with a Main Character of your Choice
-Improved Character AI
-Helpful Tips in the Main Menu
-Demo VideosQ:

Indefinite integration of function $F(x)=\frac{1}{x^2}$

I need help with solving the following integral.
and find the indefinite integral of this function.
The indefinite integral is $\ln|x|+c$
$$\int\frac{1}{x^2} dx =\int\frac{\text{d}\ln|x|}{x}=\ln|x|+c$$


Split it into two integrals:
$$\int\frac{1}{x^2}dx = \int \frac{1}{


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Linux (Ubuntu)
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Memory: 512 MB RAM
Graphics: 256MB VRAM
Hard Disk: 500 MB available space
DirectX 9 Compatible
Other: Broadband Internet connection
Memory: 1 GB


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