Survival RPG: The Lost Treasure, created by QuantumNash, is a retro-inspired retro-futuristic RPG survival game.
You will encounter many obstacles such as cold, hunger, and monsters. Can you cope with the harsh desert conditions, craft tools, find food, drink, and shelter? Can you survive long enough to return home?
You also have to think twice before taking dangerous paths. You don’t know where you will end up.
And finally, can you fight all of the monsters your island throws at you?
Thank you for checking out Survival RPG: The Lost Treasure. Have fun playing and share your thoughts with us!
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In this MinecraftSurvival land tech world the animals are extinct, the natural resources are run out, and there are evil mobs about!

In this MinecraftSurvival land tech world the animals are extinct, the natural resources are run out, and there are evil mobs about!
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In this MinecraftSurvival land tech world the animals are extinct, the natural resources are run out, and there are evil mobs about!
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Features Key:

  • Optionally use same UI with one another (Mashup, Sacree, Drum, Event, Voice etc).
  • Drag-and-Drop-Technology.
  • Social Link – ability to link external links to specific tracks.
  • Notification bars with individual you can add or remove.
  • Charts, and statistic charts can be added.

External Visions

How to use?

  1. Buy the game
  2. Download the game
  3. Install the OS
  4. Open the game
  5. After installing the game, it automatically opens
  6. Open the account profile after install

Support & Contact

  1. Contact support if you have questions.
  2. Contact us if you are interested in any parts.
  3. Are looking for some information visit our website.
  4. Do you dislike about the new profile format ask support.

By the way.

  1. Play is officially in Open Beta.
  2. Some issues, by the last known issues list or the one @Grimming supports, are unresolved.
    • You have the ability to use your own external soundset.
    • New functions are added to the game.
    • You have an access to your all profiles with option to remove or remove permissions.
    • You have follow social links.
    • Now you can add different songs to videos/tracts.
    • You can send code to other users, by a private feedback.
    • Different scorelimits changes.


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    Checkerboarded floors and overturned furniture look great, but theyre simply window dressing for realistic and real-life scares.
    The walls are, generally, realistic and creative use is made of the environment, with puzzle-solving thrown in for some added variety.
    When can you escape?
    Puzzles solve themselves as rooms are explored: When rooms reveal themselves, theyre usually large and spacious and allow for reasonable navigation.
    The map is a map of sorts, but is also used as an extension of the environments puzzle solving possibilities, so that the player must understand their environment to understand the possibilities of escape.
    Telling a story
    While the story revolves around a mysterious old woman, its just told through text, diagrams, and paintings.
    It looks gorgeous and immersive, but its difficult to tell what is happening, and if the player can succeed in figuring it out.
    It wont surprise you to learn that the puzzles are varied, but by no means are they overly difficult.
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    Everything about this game adds to the atmosphere of horror, making the game more than just a game, but theres no resolution at all, so the player can make their way through the game if they wish to, or not.
    If you like horror games, or this game in particular, youd be foolish to not play this game. It was so scary that one of the game developers is under a blanket to prevent himself from being scared.


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    Zid Journey is a classic point-and-click adventure game, which has been given a unique spin by being converted into a game with the cartoon-art style with frame-by-frame animations!
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    You will have to use your observations and heightened curiosity to meet lots of different characters and solve a lot of puzzles in order to find the missing parents of the hatchling and guide it back to its nest in the Magmosian forests.
    In the process, you will learn more about the Magmosian people and their history, the magmatropical oceans, the dangerous territory of the far away Northern Borderlands, the Ice Fields of Shmetty, and the dangers of unintended technological advancements.
    The in-game encyclopaedia returns, with information about creatures, items, and locations you encounter during your travels!
    All this, while going on a quest to find a pair of dino-parents, would become a very likely outcome for a trip into the deep, dark and cold lands of the North.
    This adventure game is based on an international standard investigation with multiple endings and a choice-based dialogue system, which will allow the player to further develop their character and shape the story of their games.
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    – Zid journey features a unique plot with multiple endings and two playable sides – the Hero and the Villain.
    – A charming, humorous, yet serious story written by adventure authors Mateusz Skwierczynski and Marcin Skwierczynski, with expanded and improved scenarios by the English-speaking and multi-talented artist Xavi Vidallé.
    – An extensive scenario and a manual included in the game for getting started with and helping the player to get through the adventure.
    – Zniw Adventure decided to produce an exclusive soundtrack with a new theme and a sample of unique music, created by Denis


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