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“Legend Of The Winged Ones” is a romantic, visual novel based in the
world of antiquity. In this time period, mankind was just learning to write.
This was the first tale that was written down by humans.

Tamara is a human girl who lost her family and has lost all hope in the future.
She is sent on a quest to find a gift that was given to her by the Goddess as a bride.
Although she is treated as a possession by the King, she finds that she is a valuable
tool for the royal family to maintain their status.

This is the story of a human girl who has to follow a cursed quest of love, fate, and destiny.
But is it worth the risk to find out what lies beyond the grave?


But at that moment, he was startled by a beautiful voice.

“Prince Reksa!” cried a silvery feminine voice.

“What! Who are you?” the prince exclaimed, suddenly aware of the presence of a woman in his laboratory.
Her beautiful features gave off an air of mischief and surprise.

“I’m no Prince of some manor, I’m a human maiden. And I have a favour to ask of you, if you can do it,” the woman said.


She interrupted the prince’s statement.

“I can give you this in return.”

And she opened her hand and took out a diamond-encrusted blue crystal and placed it in his hand.

“This is so beautiful. You must take good care of this,” the woman said.

“I will,” the prince said, not without reluctance.

“And I will show it to a man I know, when the time comes. If you wish, you can rest assured of this. I’ve no idea what the world will become once he has this.”

“Thank you, my lady,” he said.

As she left his laboratory, he stared at the stone in his hand.

For the past 4 days, Tamara was locked in the royal palace. Her only way out was when she was brought to the royal family’s living quarters for meals. However, as she went to the dining hall, a handsome young man caught her attention.

“Nice day, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it is,” she said, acknowledging the question.


Features Key:

  • Challenge your brute strength on an 8×8 “gameboard”.
  • Generate your own fortune.
  • Elemental return. You WILL get up high in this game!
  • Gain YOUR fortune. Based on number of user, higher the number, more
    fortune. Do everything that you are asked and earn some more fortune.
    Note that some strategies will earn you more fortunes that others,
    just try it out. Explore, explore, explore and try those strategy you
    are not using!
  • Challenge your skills. The more you can and survive a game, the more
    fortune you earn.
  • Challenge the luck of the game. The game board randomly generate fortunes
    each round. The more you can move, the luckier you get
  • After a lucky move, you can press OK to increase the chance of
    a successful move. This feature is based on the method of the
    Miner game, and it will be available only in the full version.
    (Miner link not included here)


  • More of higher spaces on the gameboard will give you more money,
    every time!
  • You can input coins/precious/objects in the game. Those coins
    will be collected in the inventory
  • There is more statics. You can upgrade to the further levels.
  • You can choose among the 3 different settings of the background.
    The higher level the background, the better the fortune. You decide
    your level. It will be in the settings.xml.
  • Open your ‘Bonus/User Manual’ to get more info about how to play.


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Community Workshop
The community workshops are designed to house our most popular content that other editors might want to customize in order to provide an adequate learning experience for new users. If an editor wants to edit the workshop they will need the direct link to the ‘Community Workshop’, which will point to the workshop that we are currently using and is copy-pasted below:
Active: Focused Workshop… [click here for more]

Forum Task Force
Formed a few weeks ago, the Forump Task Force is acting as a supporting task force to provide a channel of communication among the following areas:
Core Content Team
Terrain Team
Group Play Team
Community Managers
The Future
There is already quite a lot of well documented conversations going on across the forums, and we’re working to… [click here for more]

Step 4
Pay for the workshop
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Please be aware that the number of Workshop Tokens you can purchase is limited.
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Community Workshop Access
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Community Workshop Forums
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Collect the extra ninja peaces that come from obstacles and enemies they will give you extra points.
Don’t forget to collect shuriken that are on the path as well.
Random Ninja Styles:
Mode 1 (Sprint)
Mode 2 (Long)
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Vibetta Juice is a game where you have to clear the board by clearing the juice in the 3 open spot or at the bottom of the board.
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Accurate tapping on the small juice dots is what makes the juice move and splash on the board.
Tap the finish line to end the game.
Random Ninja Styles:
Mode 1 (Sprint)
Mode 2 (Long)
Mode 3 (Mario)

Glove in the Hole is a game where you can shoot and collect coins to destroy the opponent or knock them out, and collect coins to get cash.
Tap to shoot.
To clear the wall tap to destroy it.
Tap to collect.
Tap a coin to shoot it.
To shoot a coin tap the arrow to aim.
Collect coins by tapping as you destroy walls.
To destroy walls tap the walls and tap the center arrow.
Tap the finish line to


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