Like the more widely-known Color-cube? Well, well you’re in luck! Neoncube is exactly like Colorcube, except it’s all neon!
In Colorcube, you play through the eight levels in a normal rectangular box (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal). In Neoncube, you play through all eight levels in a neon cube.
Neoncube also does color-cube-like things. For example, you can obtain new cubes by inserting colored cubes in a supernova (orange and yellow) and others by analyzing the neon-shards of the cubes you just broke.
Gameplay in the game is quite simple. During the level, you play in a cube-shaped world. As you play through the 50 levels, you meet many different kinds of cubes, which comes from all parts of the cube.
Neon cubes also come with accessories. Like a monocle, mustache, hat, monocle- and mustache-accessories and a mustached face that you can find in a high-dimensional universe that you can move and rotate.

About the game
Neoncube is a 2D platformer based around a neon world. The goal in the 50 included levels is as simple as opening a door and entering the next level. This seems easy at the beginning, but as your level progress increases, you might find yourself in a tricky situation. Especially the 5 bosses every 10 levels may increase the probability of ending up as a pile of neon shards.Features in the game
Level Editor
50 Levels are not enough? Well you’re in luck! With the built-in level editor you can create your own levels and publish them to the steam workshop! Share your levelpacks and try out levelpacks by other users for unlimited diversity!
Customize your cube
You don’t like green? Well you’re in luck! You can change the colour of your player to the colour you desire! Additionally, you can admire the broad selection of accessories for your player! Enjoy your new mustache and monocle wearing cube!
You don’t like playing alone? Well you’re in luck! Neoncube provides you with a Online Coop Campaign, so you can play the game with your best friends!
You like achievements? Well you’re in luck! Neoncube offers a variety of achievements for you to claim. These range from super easy to mindblowingly hard actions to perform! Gotta claim ’em all!
Trading Cards
You like


Features Key:

  • These are the default feature keys you will be using
  • See the manual for in-depth description
  • Some buttons can be pushed to activate special animated features
  • You can watch the game in demo mode if you’d like to see the basic gameplay.
  • Some buttons can be used to change settings
  • Easter egg! Thanks for reporting the crash – we need it to make the game better! Please report issues via our GitHub project page ()
  • What’s New?
  • Screenshot Gallery
  • Donate to the project?
  • Adjustable Gameplay

    Mode: OFF

    • Highlights the army unit in possession first. Your National Tech rating affects how many units you start with. From the menu page or test mode
    • Highlights the piece in possession first
    • Different flashing lights on either side for each army pile
    • Direction indicators indicating which way to go when moving an army
    • You can choose to start the match with 99 armies and no National Tech or with 10 National Tech or no armies
    • The leaderboard is on a high dpi screen, even for your phone
    • You must select another damaging airability to reveal the next army for each side (highlighted grey)
    • A unit must be


      Neoncube Crack For Windows (Final 2022)

      • Changing the appearance of your cube to a more ’90s/comic inspired look.
      • Explore 50 unique levels!
      • Includes a level editor with the ability to create your own levels.
      • Many different ways to move the player.
      • Customize the colour of the cube and components.
      • Use and collect your own trading cards.
      • Play against your friend in a coop campaign.
      • Take the cube on a quest to collect all of the cube’s eight colours.
      Please note: This game is the product of my personal passion for retro gaming and is not directly affiliated with Lucasarts, A dev/publisher that has made the “classic” games of which this game is adapted from. I was inspired to create this game after playing the “Surfing Adventure”-game from the late ’90s to which I believe many classic gaming fans will relate to.Q:

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      Neoncube Crack + [32|64bit] [2022]

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      What’s new in Neoncube:

      FX is a project aimed at creating an extremely realistic polygonal model of an Neoncube. Unlike a hand-drawn model, a polygonal model allows much greater detail, and many more animation cells. This means that it takes much longer to get a model built, but is also much more recognizable in-game once built. This is a project that I have been working on for over a year, and I now intend to finish it. The model will have various real-life versions as well as many computer generated ones. The computer-generated versions have a grey or black “skin” which are meant to be covered with a flexible rubber skin, and then painted.


      I first became interested in the Neoncube design after reading “The Mystic Meatball” ( The “Meathook” is a unique design, and at the time the project was designed to be the standard design for all neogamefront’s projects. Unfortunately, once the Neoncube came out, the project lost a bit of steam. This helped me because the project started taking way too much time, and I decided to restart the project after I learned some new techniques. I started this project years ago, but this past spring, I repainted and colored the project.

      Due to its nature, many of the textures I used for the project have served me well in other projects.


      Due to the simplicity of the Neoncube design, which consists of only 12 polygons, I was able to model it in much less time than I would estimate. Unfortunately, due to its nature, the model consists of many polygons. I made use of both a blender set up in orthographic mode, and a vertex skinning program called Lo-Terrain to help me.

      The fact that the design consists of 12 polygons is a major strength of this model. It means that the model can be colored for any surface smoothly without having to worry about the shape being broken up.

      The Major Limitations

      Technically, I am not sure if this model is possible. One limitation of this model, as I only know of one software program in which it could be accomplished, is that if the two skins inside the cube overlap each other, the cube is no longer considered properly constructed. I have checked the model in the many important places. These parts consist of the front and back of the cube


      Free Neoncube Crack + Activation


      How To Crack:

    • 1) First of all, you need to install Multi Tools on your PC
    • 2) Then download Neoncube game from our other servers
    • 3) Go to and at the top right corner, click on download button
    • 4) Move or copy cracked file into your game folder
    • 5) Run game
    • 6) Have Fun!!!

    The Latest Version / Patch Notes of Neoncube:

    • 1) Player must be atleast 10 years old.
    • 2) I have included an automatic crack pack. It will automatically put it in.exe.(ZIP) or.rAR(SFX) format and inside it, there will be a.txt file that you have to crack to get passwords and use the game. This will work only on Windows version but you can get alternative engine pack for other platforms.
    • 3) You can upgrade your engine also in extension pack. Plugins that you want to upgrade for Multi Tools 5.0, VST Plugin Suite 3.2, & more
    • 4) You will learn new things like new shader languages, new gametypes, non-game engine functionalities and many more!

    Notes About Game Develoers:

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