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University Of North Carolina School Of Law Volume 17 (2014) .
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2,29 x 2,70 cm 91 Page(s) .
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. Sealing with Filla Injection. Sealing with Filla Injection. Perfect Fit. In this application, the sealing and process capability of the. Sealing Pieces by. the time, and a few cents per cut.The subject of the invention is a disposable article of wearing apparel. More particularly, the invention relates to a disposable diaper.
Disposable diapers are well known articles of wearing apparel which are adapted to be worn by babies and young children. Disposable diapers are intended to be discarded after a relatively small number of uses, and in any case at relatively early stages of child growth. As a result, the cost of disposable diapers must be as low as possible. One factor that adds to the cost of disposable diapers is the cost of the material from which they are made. To reduce this cost, it is known to provide disposable diapers with elasticized side and back seams to provide a better fit and to prevent leakage. In addition, it is known to provide disposable diapers with tapes which are attached to the outer portion of the diaper at the front and rear of the diaper to secure the diaper to the baby””s body.
Unfortunately, many of the known diapers with elasticized seams are difficult to manufacture, and these known diapers have undesirable properties, such as wrinkles in the elasticized areas, less than desirable adhesion of the elasticized areas to the diaper, and/or less desirable shape retention. It would be desirable to provide a disposable diaper, and an apparatus and method for making such a disposable diaper, in which the material cost and the manufacturing cost are low and which is effective in preventing leaks, reducing wetness and/or retaining the shape of the diaper on the baby.
It is an object of the invention to provide a disposable article of wearing apparel with an improved fit, especially at the front waist portion of the diaper. The improved fit is intended to reduce the likelihood of leakage, while at the same time providing a more comfortable fit.
It is a further object of the invention to provide a disposable article of wearing apparel with a better quality appearance.
According to one aspect of the invention, a disposable article of wearing apparel has a front waist portion, a rear waist portion, a front waist opening, a rear waist opening, and a pair of laterally spaced leg openings extending from the waist openings. The article comprises an inner liner for the article, an outer cover having a top surface and a bottom surface, and a waistband joined to the top surface of the outer cover. The waist

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