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Patch Raouf Khlif Pes 2013 Pc Gratuit Startimes


Khlif [KEYLĪF] (Arabic: كلفيل‎, Modern Standard Arabic: qafīl; ʿa1kal), also spelled Khlif, Chafîl or Kafîl, is the fourth month of the Arab lunar year, corresponding roughly to September and October in the Gregorian calendar. Khlif begins with the sighting of the Hilal (crescent moon) in the west; the beginning of Khlif coincides with the beginning of Muharram, the first month of the Islamic calendar, though some countries account for the months in this period differently. The traditional Arabic name for Khlif is Kurās al-qafīl () or ‘the [crescent] moon of the festival’. Khlif is considered the fourth month of the year, as it is followed by Sūra III, the month of fasts of Yaum Al-Kisā’ (the anniversary of the night of revelation).

The word Khlif derives from the Arabic words qafā and kalā’, which together mean ‘prepared’, ‘uncovered’ or ‘unveiled’, referring to the Hilal that was used to indicate the beginning of Khlif. Among many Arabic-speaking countries, Khlif is referred to as the Hilal or the Hilal of the festival.

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Category:MonthsIndium-111-labeled diisopropyl bis(allyl) bisphosphonate: a new agent for bone scintigraphy.
A new bone-avid radiopharmaceutical, N-p-isopropyl-N’-[(125)I]iodo-bis (allyl) bisphosphonate (IPBB), was synthesized and labeled with indium-111 and characterized in rats and rabbits. IPBB was injected into the tail vein of the animals and the scans were obtained using a gamma camera. In the rats, bone was well visualized by IPBB 3 h after injection and the scintigram images were collected at the 24th h. In the

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