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Create a folder to store your downloads.
Download, install and run the program.
Download and install the latest version of Firefox and set Firefox to download all files to the Downloads folder.
open the downloaded archive.
Download, install and run the program.
Download, install and run the program.
Put the downloaded archive in a folder.


Can’t turn on my laptop after shutdown

My laptop has been shut down for a long time and I can’t turn it on.
I have the installed Windows 7 SP1.
I tried all the solutions from similar posts, but it didn’t help me.
Some of my posts:

My laptop won’t turn on
How to Turn Off My Computer (remind me in the morning)

Also, I can hear the sound from my speakers and I can see the disks.


If you can hear the disks spinning, and can see the disks and disks spinning, then your disk is not failed.
Since you haven’t mentioned what happens when you power on your laptop, I have to guess that you can’t power on your laptop. So either the hardware is failed or the hardware won’t power on.
If you can power on your laptop, then you can use any of the solutions mentioned in this question to connect your laptop to some other device that can power on your laptop.
If you don’t have such a device, I suggest you take your laptop to your nearest computer repair shop, or your house instead. You won’t be able to power on your laptop on your own, but you will be able to discuss with the people at the repair shop to see if they can figure out a solution to solve your problem.
The technical details of how to power on the laptop are in this similar question.
But I recommend you not to power on your laptop yourself. This could damage the hardware. It’s fine to ask the people at the repair shop to power on your laptop, but you should not do that.
Hope this helps.


Set different color for each row in a grid view

I have a gridview displaying all the IDs in a database and the user can select which ones to delete. I would like to set the background color of each row in the grid when a particular ID is being used.

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How to identify duplicates within a list with Linq and C#?

Here’s the scenario:
First I’m getting some data from my database and building a list out of it. Then I’m running a Linq query (besides others) which pulls out all the rows that are duplicates. I want to highlight the duplicates before populating a drop down menu. But, when I run the code, I get the error:

Unable to cast object of type ‘System.Int32’ to type ‘System.String’.

Here’s the code:
DataTable dt = new DataTable();
dt = (DataTable)RDataReturn.Projects;

var duplicates = from g in dt.AsEnumerable()
group g by g.Field(“ProjectID”)
into grp
where grp.Count() > 1
select grp;

foreach (var dupe in duplicates)
ddl.SelectedIndex = -1;
ddl.Items.Add(new ListItem(dupe.Key.ToString(), dupe.Key));



You can use Distinct method which will return only items that are unique
var duplicates = from g in dt.AsEnumerable()
group g by g.Field(“ProjectID”)

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