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* _**Adobe Photoshop World.**_ This site takes you through the features of Photoshop using step-by-step tutorials and demonstrations on how to accomplish the required tasks. You can purchase additional training materials at this site.
* _**Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.**_ This site is a newer site from Adobe and offers free tutorials for Photoshop and Lightroom; both are excellent editing tools.
* _**Photoshop Essentials.**_ This site has tutorials to help you become comfortable with Photoshop, using tutorials, tips, cheatsheets, and a glossary.
* _**Photoshop Tutorials.**_ Many good resources for Photoshop tutorials, tips, cheatsheets, glossary, and more.
* _**Pro Photoshop Course.**_ This is one of the best resources to learn how to use the Photoshop tools in combination with print and web work. Includes tips, tricks, and cheatsheets for every tool in Photoshop.

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1. Features

There are many features in Photoshop Elements. Some of the features are default, and some of the features are a result of prior versions of Photoshop Elements.

Default Features

– Auto enhance images: Automatically detects all objects in the photo and enhance them.

– Remove red eye: Red eye effect fixes in a single click.

– Remove glare: This feature corrects photographs that have a reflective surface, like glass.

– Remove dust spots: Dust spots are specks of dust that appear on certain parts of an image.

– Add blur: The blur effect adds depth to a picture.

– Create a new layer: You can create a new layer and work on it.

– Reinforce tool: You can use the reinforce tool to add more brightness or details to the image.

– Digital darkroom: You can load the steps that you take to the dark room. The steps that you take are called a “recipe.”

– Vignette effect: Adds a vignette effect and warms the edges of the photo.

– Stroke effect: Adds a glow to the image.

– Clean up tool: Use the clean up tool to reduce noise.

– Adjust opacity: This feature opens the Channels palette and allows you to increase or reduce the opacity of any colors in the image.

– Enhance curve: This feature opens the Curves palette and allows you to enhance the image.

– Reduce noise: Use the Reduce noise option to find and reduce the noise in an image.

– Smooth contrast: Use this feature to add a smooth contrast and reduce some of the noise in an image.

– Add blur: Use this feature to add more blur to the image.

– Sharpen: Use this feature to make more of an image look sharp.

– Filter: Use this feature to add any filter or effect to a photo.

– Color balance: Use the Color balance feature to adjust the color of a photo.

– Clone stamp: Use this feature to duplicate any object from the photo.

– Shadow clone: Use this feature to duplicate shadowed areas in a photo.

– Spot healing: Use the Spot healing feature to get rid of spots on a photo.

– Patch: Use this feature to repair damaged areas in the image.


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What are the advantages of using OnClickListener vs Button.OnClick in Android

What are the advantages of using OnClickListener vs Button.OnClick in Android? What are the pros and cons of each?


According to the official documentation:

This value will be set when the button is clicked, regardless of whether the click is disabled.
This value will be set when the button is long-clicked.
This value will be set for you.

But in my experience, it is rather useless.
Check this example that I made recently, which has 3 different onclick handlers (and 3 onclick attribs, so it doesn’t really duplicate anything):
public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity {

private ImageView imageView;
private Button button;

protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

button = (Button) findViewById(;
button.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() {

public void onClick(View view) {

Toast.makeText(getApplicationContext(), “onClick”, Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();

Toast.makeText(getApplicationContext(), “onClick”, Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();

// Button.OnLongClick
button.setOnLongClickListener(new View.OnLongClickListener() {

public boolean onLongClick(View view) {

Toast.makeText(getApplicationContext(), “onLongClick”, Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();
return false;

What’s New in the?

Bashir as-Saber

Bashir as-Saber (born 10 September 1976) is an Iraqi journalist and media critic.

Early life

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Bashir began working as a journalist in January 2000 at the Cultural Centre. He worked for the Centre for a long time and he participated in the revival of cultural institutions and played a key role in the launch of the Tigris International Festival. He was also working as a news producer in Iraq National Television. He started his journalistic career in the field of radio, but his association with the media was a very short period. He began working with Al-Watan as a reporter and moved to Al-Mustakbal newspaper as a reporter. He wrote the column “Iraq Row” in Al-Mustakbal newspaper.

From 2007 to 2008 he worked as the news director for Al-Mayadeen television. He began working as the director of Al-Sokan newspaper in 2008. He was the editor of Al-Najah newspaper until he was wounded in 2010.

Following the outbreak of the civil war in Iraq, Bashir fled in June 2014 to the Kurdish region of Iraq and began working at the headquarters of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) in Erbil as the press secretary, he also worked with the KDP’s Youth Wing as the editor of their newspaper.

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Bashir as-Saber was wounded in 2018 and he resigned from

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