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Getting a unit test to pass on a Jenkins CDH cluster

My Jenkins instance has started to behave oddly. I am trying to test a Jenkins job, and it seems that the unit tests that I wrote (junit 4, with maven as the build engine) have started to fail on our Jenkins instance.
I believe that the source of the problem is jenkins unit tests failing, but I have no idea how to fix the problem, as I have tried a few things (such as killing the tests, deleting.testResults folders, updating jenkins, and restarting the service).
It seems that as a side effect, Jenkins is spawning a lot of extra JVM processes, which is not a problem for a test to be successful, but causes the “the java runtime could not reserve enough space for itself” error.
I am running on Jenkins 1.446, installed on a CentOS 6.4 box, with CDH5.8.5. Jenkins is built using maven2. I am testing against CDH5.8.5. The test harness is set to use OpenSSL as the default SSL library, and OpenSSL is used in the maven-surefire-plugin build.
(I am only asking this question because I am told that I must answer the question before I can post my problem to stackoverflow, and because this is a symptom of a larger problem. However, I cannot post more than one question per post, so if somebody wants to suggest that I take my problem to stackoverflow, go right ahead.)


I had this

download. Plage Inc: Evolved is the latest version of this game was published on 18 May 2016 and is available to download from Our website. .Sen. John Cornyn John CornynThe Hill’s Campaign Report: GOP set to ask SCOTUS to limit mail-in voting Liberal super PAC launches ads targeting vulnerable GOP senators over SCOTUS fight Senate GOP faces pivotal moment on pick for Supreme Court MORE (R-Texas) said Wednesday that he was “not at all” surprised by President Trump Donald John TrumpBubba Wallace to be driver of Michael Jordan, Denny Hamlin NASCAR team Graham: GOP will confirm Trump’s Supreme Court nominee before the election Southwest Airlines, unions call for six-month extension of government aid MORE’s decision to back out of a bipartisan deal on immigration, despite supporting the plan at the time.

“I’m not at all surprised because I never thought that this was anything other than a political self-deal to placate his base. And I think his base is OK with that,” Cornyn told CNN.

Trump on Tuesday reversed course on the agreement to protect immigrants brought to the country as children, which would have protected them from deportation and provided them a pathway to U.S. citizenship.


Instead of embracing the plan that passed the House earlier this week, Trump said he was against the deal, noting that he does not feel for the “dreamers.”

The Senate had hoped to pass the plan by the end of this week, but the House approved the measure on Tuesday night, sending it to Trump’s desk for signature.

Cornyn told CNN that Trump could not back away from a deal without the “kicking and screaming,” but that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Addison (Mitch) Mitchell McConnellGraham: GOP will confirm Trump’s Supreme Court nominee before the election Trump puts Supreme Court fight at center of Ohio rally The Memo: Dems face balancing act on SCOTUS fight MORE (R-Ky.) was trying to head off problems for the GOP in the 2018 midterm election.

“We’ve had all these budget battles and budget votes as a result of that,” he said.

“We’ve had too much gridlock and too much politics in Washington, D.C.”

The new proposal from Senate Republican leadership would legalize immigrants brought to the country illegally as children and provide a path to citizenship for them, while also increasing border security.

Cornyn said

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