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Crystal! We’re going to release it on March 3, 2016.
About Crystale
Crystal! is our first arcade game for the XBOX ONE & PC.
It is a rhythm action game where players control a crystal to get it through the maze and avoid obstacles.
It is a game in which crystal is very important.
We hope you’ll enjoy this game.Relative efficiency and timing of forage-feeding cetaceans and pinnipeds in the Southwest region of the Gulf of Mexico.
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Press D To Die Features Key:

  • Huge Levels
  • Lots of Different Cars and Planes
  • Two Different Game Modes (Difficulty Levels)


Press D To Die Download [Mac/Win]

Everlasting Entertainment is a premier provider of quality, hand-crafted entertainment products based on the ever popular trading card game Magic: The Gathering. The Magic: The Gathering Online experience is a rich 3D MMORPG with innovative, advanced and challenging gameplay. Players can choose their path with different classes and develop their character to their liking. The game is based on rich story content with a vast number of areas to explore, quests and PvP combat.

Passion Pictures has published Peddler, a breezy, animated puzzle game set in the idyllic local-foods shoppes of New Orleans in the 1920s.

Acronym for “Pudding Extravaganza,” “Peddler” is an item hunt: players must traverse an updated version of the city scoured for canned goods and spices. The game boasts 1,000+ items to seek out, and more than 30 unique levels, 40 times as many as were in Peddler’s predecessor. Scattered throughout the city are items like crawfish cornbread, red beans and rice, and gumbo, and the only way to clear a level is to open the door to the next location.

The store inventory consists of a list of all the items in the level, and as players collect the requisite amount of each item for their inventory, a camera follows to their location. Once the store is cleared, an extra 20 items can be earned.

Just like in Hot Cool and Cold, Peddler’s digital board and item hunt are designed to be operated by one hand, with the player’s thumb placed on the touch-pad, and the finger guiding the cursor on the touchscreen. It’s a great example of what the digital board should be—more intuitive and comfortable to use than mouse-and-keyboard alternatives.

The game is available for iPhone 3GS or later, iPod Touch, and iPad (3rd gen or later).

The maker of Peddler is the same developer of Hot Cool and Cold, with one new game on its way.

From the makers of Hot Cool and Cold, here’s a short clip:

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F-14 Tomcat Lands on a Ford Escape (2011) HD





** Hot Dogger F-14A Tomcat Video Direct From Korea ** A live look at the flight line during the exercise.
The F-14A Tomcat is a 5th generation, twin-engine, all-weather stealth all-purpose fighter aircraft. It is the only twin-engine all-weather stealth fighter ever built. It is the United States Navy’s (USN) designated “Fighter-Bomber”.
As a data-link capable naval fighter aircraft, it is capable of network operations. As a carrier-based fighter it is capable of air-to-air combat. It is equipped with the AMRAAM and AIM-9 Sidewinder short-range air-to-air missiles and the external M61 Vulcan 20mm cannon.
The designation Tomcat comes from its environmental operating conditions. The F-14 is able to operate from rough seas and landings, even near breakers. These characteristics make the Tomcat ideal for ground attack missions and anti-shipping operations. It is able to deliver strikes on land and at sea, staying out of visual range from the enemy. After departure the Tomcat can rapidly insert back to the carrier if needed.
DCAviation provides flight simulation products for all major PC platforms and flight simulation games, including Microsoft Flight Simulator, Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator, Microsoft Aircraft,, War Thunder, EFLC, War Thunder, DCS, FSX, FS2004, FS9, FS2002, FS7, FS2015, Prepar3D.
The F-14 Tomcat is an extensive aircraft and has a deep virtual cockpit (DVC). Other technical features include a main landing gear independent of the wings, a four-digit flight


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