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Those who want to join the ranks of the opposition are forced to pay the Nal’og.
The Nal’og is a special tax that any person has to pay when he is found guilty of breaking the law. The Nal’og is a tax in which you pay a variable fee for crimes such as:
– failure to follow the rules;
– black market trading;
– possession of drugs;
– forgery of identity documents;
– participation in fraudulent musical events;
– gathering of sates on the internal border;
– possession of illegal weapons;
– “not” pay for the national debt.
You have always had the right to pass. Each of these offenses requires a separate fee depending on the number of witnesses and the number of months that you have spent in prison before the court.
Each new year, it may happen that there are many outstanding Nal’og payments. The situation becomes acute for people who have been imprisoned in a capital prison, because it is impossible to do anything on the internal border. However, people who avoid compulsory labor can reduce the amount of their Nal’og. New rules are introduced for the situation in which you are a prisoner in a capital prison.
New law states that a convict can get his Nal’og-loan in prison, but only if he has committed more than 3 minor offenses;
At the same time, the Nal’og is large, and someone who earns money and does not pay off his debt in one and a half years in prison is almost certain to be sent back to the izba for a few years.
My bet is: however, in practice, nothing of this will happen.

This is a simple game which you can play with anyone. It is called “Comic Club” – you have to play a game of a mission. On the board in a game you will see randomly selected topics and their corresponding content. You will be given a choice from a number of words: they are in a special terminology. It is not necessary to understand the rules.

The game title “Pantheon” is not exactly easy, for you to find Pantheon in this game. The game itself quite simple and easy to play. When you enter the game you are put into the temple of Zeus. There are some kind of special characters with impressive capabilities (they have to be unlocked in the game). You have to gather different heroes, all


Features Key:

  • Multiplayer Game for Windows &nbsp
  • Compete with friends or other opponents  in different categories
  • 6 realistic Killcan modes
  • Action Sniper Survival
  • 100&nbspERFUL Weapons


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You and your polar bear inhabit a remote island where you can make friends with bears, party with polar bears, and get lost in the snowy, ice-capped world of Tundra. Herding polar bears is an enlightening affair: Bears join you to help you build up your herd’s territory. With more bears in your herd, more food drops from the sky. Become the last self-sustaining human on the island.
A village of humans has formed around the most precious resource in the world: ocean. They call their community Tundra, after the mythical land of ice and snow. The primeval power that brought them together has left them alone. On the beautiful island of Tundra, you, and up to 30 other bears, must build your own civilization together.
Previously a successful entrepreneur, you became a freelance bear herder when your job was laid off during the economic downturn. Now, when the bears starve, so do you.
Journey into Tundra’s icy world, build the largest herd, and lead a bear clan to prosperity.
Budget and resources are limited, so make the right choices to keep your bears happy.
Herd a bear or seven, outfit them with perks, and customize your character with looks, clothing, and accessories.
Each bear you select plays a key role in helping you prosper. Train your bears to become accomplished herding specialists.
When new visitors arrive on the island, why not host a party with food and drink?
Improve and upgrade your Tundra experience by learning from your mistakes.
Treat yourself to the wonders of Tundra.
The bears you befriend will help you bring fresh food and cool drinks to your friend’s tables.
Create one of six outdoor menus, from a buffet of cold cuts to a warm mug of hot cocoa.
The tables will come to life whenever animals and people sit at them.
Can you sustain a casino in the middle of a frozen arctic wilderness?
When guests party at your party table, you will be rewarded with piles of sweet, delicious treats.
Try out new recipes in the kitchen table.
Can you outwit a bear to save the casino?
Do you dare to roll a dice in the middle of the casino floor?


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In a fantasy world where men and beasts live together in harmony, a young woman awakens in a church. The rain of death, which has plagued the land of lands end, came to claim its first victim. In the shadows of the monster ridden lands end, this young woman meets a mysterious knight. This knight casts the light of hope upon the kingdom. Together, in the moment that has been foretold for her lifet he quest will begin. Dark desires will come to light and no one will escape the rain of death.

Expert or just curious? Check our powerful guide to all skills.

Lead a set of customizable characters

Any combination of the game’s four distinct classes, with each character class able to share builds

Unique characters with customizable skills

Additional classes will be added

Reinvented 4X gameplay offers a totally new experience

Take on the role of a large or small group of characters each with their own skills, equipment and equipment strategies

Unique campaign, Quest system and extensive event system

Discover the world of lands end

Graveyards and dungeons hidden throughout the game

Explore the perilous underground labyrinths and opulent castles, each with their own unique surprises

Determine the storyline, with multiple ways to play and several possible endings

Gather powerful allies and complete quests to advance through the game

Game”BLOOD RAVEN: The Lunacy of the Spellblasters”
Blood Raven: The Lunacy of the Spellblasters is an action-RPG that combines the three pillars of gaming: questing, combat and puzzle-solving. You take on the role of a young wizard who embarks on a quest to rid his world of the menace of a wizard army. In the midst of his journey he will encounter numerous enemies, encounters in turn which lead to the unraveling of the mystery behind the catastrophe. Weighing on your shoulders is the knowledge that you’re carrying the fate of the world and all that is in it.
Carry the fate of a small but mighty nation on your shoulders as you fight your way through a land plagued by a growing army of wizards.
Test your might against a variety of different enemies and bosses. Choose your battles wisely.
Use magical abilities and spells to stay ahead of your adversaries, and dodge their explosive spells.
Confront devastating boss encounters.
Interact with a variety of different NPCs to uncover new information.


What’s new:

Earthbreakers is a significant volume of fiction in the world of comics including a collection of short prose stories as well as graphic novels and graphic storyboards. It was published from 1990 to 2004 and can be considered a landmark graphic novel series, as it includes concept albums, box sets and novellas by science fiction and fantasy writers. The stories in the series take place over a period of several years; at least one story is presented in two parts. The concept for the series was conceived by British fantasy and science fiction author Ian Sales. It has been noted that the stories in the Earthbreakers series were inspired by the work of the author Jack Vance. Sales died before the publication of the eighth issue, so he could not provide any input on the development of the concluding story.

Earthbreakers volumes
Earthbreakers (novella) (1990) by Ian Sales
Earthbreakers: Earth Bites! (1990) by Ian Sales
Earthbreakers II: Spaceward and Back! (1990) by Ian Sales
The Great Game: Earth Bites! (book) (1992) by Ian Sales
The Secret Empire: Earth Bites! (book) (1992) by Ian Sales
Earthbreakers III: The Final Battle (1993) by Ian Sales
Earthbreakers IV: The Beast from the Junes (1994) by Ian Sales
Earthbreakers V: Valley of the Darklings (book) (1996) by Ian Sales
Earthbreakers VI: Catastrophe Aboard (book) (1997) by Ian Sales
Earthbreakers VII: Unending Games (book) (1999) by Ian Sales
Earthbreakers VIII: Lost Tribes (box set) (2004) by Ian Sales & Jean Slonczewski

Earthbreakers series of graphic storyboards
Snake (by Richard Wenk) (1993)
Fire (by Richard Wenk) (1994)
Earth (by Richard Wenk) (1996)
Sky (by Richard Wenk) (1998)
Footsteps (by Richard Wenk) (1999)
Snake II: Hopscotch (by Richard Wenk) (2002)
Soul (by Richard Wenk) (2002)
Wind (by Richard Wenk) (2004)

Earthbreakers box sets
Earthbreakers: Earth Bites! (book) (1992) by Ian Sales and Jim Fern
Earthbreakers II: Spaceward and Back! (book) (1992) by Ian Sales and Jim Fern
The Great Game


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The Walking Dead: A Telltale Games Series is an award-winning series of five games based on the popular comic book series of the same name. The game tells a story of what happens after an undead apocalypse. You play as Lee Everett, a man who has just moved to a small town after his family has been killed. Lee soon learns that the town is actually filled with other survivors, including people who are not quite like him. What will Lee Everett do?


All Telltale Games are made in a unique, four-step process.

1. Story : We work closely with our partners to create an original, emotionally powerful story that captures the essence of the source material.

2. Dialogue : Our writers put words in the characters’ mouths that convey the story.

3. Visuals : We develop unique environments, characters, and backdrops using the unique tools of the Telltale Engine.

4. Audio : We collaborate with our sound designers to capture the exact right sounds for each and every moment in the story.


A unique, emotionally powerful story.

Play as Lee Everett, a man who has just moved to a small town after his family has been killed.

Discover the many ways you can solve every situation.

Intelligent characters and enemies react to your choices and to the environment.Underwear for women after exercise (day 4): one size does not fit all

Exercise is a great way to get fit, improve your overall health, burn calories, gain a little muscle, and feel great. However, there is one downside to exercise: bulging underpants. Yeah, exercise makes you have to pee a lot, at least a couple of times a day, and it doesn’t help if you are one of those people that have trouble finding anything to wear in the first place (in this case, that’s women). If you notice a bulge while exercising, you’re not alone. Many women will experience a sports bra or tank top riding up when they move, which can be pretty embarrassing for both them and others around them. Don’t worry though, there are some suggestions out there to help keep your undergarments in place.

The first thing you have to remember is that the bulge is not caused by your uterus, since most women’s vaginas are about the same size throughout their lives. The reason they get bigger or smaller is because of the weight of your muscles.


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    System Requirements:

    TALISMAN: The Dark Chronicles
    TALISMAN: The Lords of Midnight
    TALISMAN: The Fall of Numeria
    NOTE: This guide has been made for use with the Talisman: The Dark Chronicles role playing game. The stats and attributes of all NPC characters in this game are written in upper case, while player characters’ stats are in lower case.
    Running Time: A typical play session will last anywhere from 3 to 12 hours. This is a fairly lengthy game, however, if you want a quick game that


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