There are plenty of file renaming utilities out there, but only a few are actually aimed at JPEG photos, so Rename JPEG Files may come in handy to lots of users.
Just like its name suggests, Rename JPEG Files is a Windows utility developed to rename JPEG files using EXIF data and based on a user-defined format.
The GUI is just plain and simple and seems to be the perfect choice for this kind of app. You're only required to pick the target directory, the one that holds the JPG files, and input a file name format, with the list below showing both the original and the converted file name.
Tweaking the file name format is not that difficult and the build file name format screen lends you a hand, showing all codes and their descriptions. Simply double click a code to add it to the name.
As for the pictures that do not contain EXIF data, they can't be processed and they are marked with yellow in the main window of the app.
The renaming process doesn't take more than a few seconds and the overall computer stability is not affected at all. Administrator privileges aren't required, so anybody can use it just fine.
Another thing that's worth mentioning is that Rename JPEG Files comes as a stand-alone executable file, so it's fully portable and doesn't need to be installed.
All in all, Rename JPEG Files is undoubtedly a helpful app, although we all agree that certain improvements are still necessary. For example, future updates to handle pictures without EXIF are a must have.


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* Sort pictures based on their EXIF data or any other data you deem suitable,
* Choose any new name you want, any file format you prefer and input your format changes.
* A built-in converter is included to convert your pictures with EXIF data to other formats and vice versa.
* Accurate and reliable.
** No support for:
* WAV audio files,
* BMP file format,
* WMF (Windows Metafile) format.
*** A Windows executable file.
Main features:
* Support for all popular picture file formats, including JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PCX, BMP, RAW and several others.
* Editing original JPG files even if they don’t contain EXIF data.
* Preview images directly from the app.
* Input and output size changes,
* Maximum file size of output file is 5 GB.
What’s New
This version includes a couple of bugfixes and performance improvements:
– Other than the above mentioned, no new features were added.
How to Run the App:
1. Run the executable file.
2. There is a simple yet effective file chooser window. Simply pick the destination directory and input the file name formatting you prefer.
3. The program will process the selected folder, then collect the new JPG file names, display them in a progress bar. When the job is done, there will be a ‘Done’ button.
4. Click ‘Done’ button to view the new file names.
5. To convert a picture from one format to another, simply click a button that says ‘Convert’.
6. Click ‘Next’ button to convert the selected picture.
7. A little information window will pop up showing the conversion status and the progress. When the conversion is finished, click ‘Done’ to see the results.
8. To select multiple files, just hold down the CTRL key and select as many files as you’d like.
9. Close the window when you’re done.Damping of the mechanical response of isolated cochlear rootlets from high auditory nerve activity.
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Rename JPEG Files Crack Free License Key For PC

Windows file renaming application that takes advantage of EXIF info to Rename JPEG Files Product Key.The process can rename multiple images in a batch.

Main features:

Automatically open dialog windows for files to be renamed.

Easily rename multiple images in a batch.

Quickly preview images that do not contain EXIF info.

Rename any images in the folders; JPEG, JPG, or JP2(Japanese)format.

Support batch renaming and file renaming.

Software Name: Rename JPEG Files Crack Mac


Download: RENAME JPEG FILES for Windows



RENAME JPEG FILES Editor is a Windows-based application that makes it possible to rename any of your JPG files.
First of all, as you browse the directories, you’ll notice that the app has a sort of hierarchy. It puts JPG files on the top level of folders, so all of them can be displayed at the same time.
Using the toolbar above the directory tree, you’ll find menu options, the top one of which is for renaming and replacing pictures.
When you click the button, it gives you the chance to pick the target folder and add a file name pattern. In this case, the list includes regular expressions, which can be used for simple one-time renaming.
You can also click More Options to change any of the template’s details. Below the list, you’ll find more items to help you choose the right one for you.
Besides renaming and replacing JPG files, the RENAME JPEG FILES Editor also contains some extra functions and tools, including file extraction, image quality optimization, and image conversion.
RENAME JPEG FILES Editor is a handy and useful utility for those who need to rename JPG files. For starters, it comes with an impressive renaming and replacing function. It also contains some advanced functions and tools that are helpful to users who need to perform more complex tasks.
That being said, it’s important to note that this software needs to be purchased for $29.95.
Software Name: RENAME JPEG FILES Editor


Download: RENAME JPEG FILES Editor for Windows



RENAME JPEG FILES is a simple, easy-to-

Rename JPEG Files (LifeTime) Activation Code PC/Windows

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HOTLINK-1 Introduction
HOTLINK-1 allows you to edit EXIF metadata in JPEG, JPG, BMP and GIF files and to rename them using the file name option. You can add information to or remove information from any of the 10 standard fields (Date Time, File Time, Image Description, Camera, Orientation, Software, File Source, Copyright and More).
HOTLINK-1 is a free utility that runs under Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7.
HOTLINK-1 contains these features and is compatible with these operating systems.
This feature allows you to customize the look of the file name.
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This feature allows you to remove zip labels from multiple files at the same time.
This feature enables you to add or modify additional information to your photos by using the textboxes.
This feature allows you to add zip labels from the local file system to multiple files at the same time.
This feature allows you to remove zip labels from multiple files at the same time.
This feature allows you to overwrite the contents of the zip labels when it is in use.
This feature allows you to add zip labels from the local file system to existing zip files at the same time.
This feature allows you to remove zip labels from existing zip files at the same time.
This feature allows you to cancel a zip label when the program is in the process of creating or removing a zip label from a file.
This feature allows you

What’s New In?

As the name suggests, the app is aimed at renaming JPEG images based on their EXIF data, plus it supports a user-defined file format.
There are no many options in the GUI other than the target directory, the one that contains the JPG files, and the formating syntax.
The build file name format screen is an easy way to tweak the converted file names.

You are recommended to use the app on portable computers, because it comes as a standalone executable. No installation or admin rights are required.
The overall stability is not affected at all, so anyone can use the app just fine.

Paid download: Rename JPEG Files

Rename JPEG Files Information:

Rename JPEG Files is a simple but useful windows app that is aimed at renaming JPG files, based on their EXIF data. It supports a user-defined file name format.

With a single double click you can rename/modify the file names of the JPEGs.The work of art is always
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System Requirements:

iPad 1 (Retina Display)
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iPad 2 (Wi-Fi + Cellular)
iPad 3 (Retina Display)
iPad 4 (Retina Display)
iPad Air (Retina Display)
iPad Mini (Retina Display)
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iPad Mini 3 (Retina Display)
iPad Mini 4 (Retina Display)
iPad Pro

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